Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Red Gooseberry Cream Almond Torte

Fine, my mother in law made this torte for a family celebration in June and I just about fell on the floor when I tasted it. It was that good.

I begged for the recipe because I just had to make this torte. Stat. Unfortunately, the gooseberry season here in Germany is in late July. Fine used fresh ones she had frozen. Well tough luck for me because I was leaving the following week for the States and would not be back until September.

When I returned to Germany last week, Fine greeted me with a surprise. While I was away over the summer, she bought me a box of these beauties and froze them so I could make the torte upon my return. How thoughtful. I was so touched she remembered.

Apologies for posting a recipe made with out of season berries but if you are in a place where you can still get red gooseberries - Make. This. Now.

Red Goose Berry Cream Almond Torte

For the recipe, hop on over to my German Food page at


  1. What a sweet mother-in-law! And this is so like a recipe I made once a long time ago and have been wondering why I don't make it anymore! I love it! You have inspired me!

  2. I never had a gooseberry! But this looks absolutely heavenly! And so pretty.

  3. What a lovely friend to do that for you! :) That looks magnificent! :D

  4. The only thing better than the gift of food is a thoughtful, sentimental (and, in this case, somewhat rare and out of season) gift of food.

    Such a pretty torte.

  5. Is gooseberry the same thing as johannisberren?

  6. How much flour is in the receipe, as you don't list it in the ingredients?

  7. @West Compton Manor. Thank you SO much for catching that mistake in this post. I have fixed it now. The answer is 1+1/4 cups flour. I really appreciate your feedback.


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