Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pink Sparkly Twinkies for Gay Pride

Most of my gay friends are way past Twinkdom, and most of them are homebodies with kids now, but who doesn't still enjoy looking at a nice fresh twinkie?

I am very excited to once again be in NYC for Gay Pride weekend this year.  Last year Wendy and I dressed up with Beauty Pageant style banners that said, The Real Fag Hags of New York.

We had a blast, at the parade, brunch, a party and then boarded the Sea Tea  for a big gay disco cruise around Manhattan with the amazing Robbie Leslie spinning ( sighing now... remembering those Studio 54 days.)  I lost my wedding ring on that cruise last year.  Covered in sweat and partner dancing with a hot mess of a queen, it went flying off my hand, never to be found again.

Speaking of Studio 54, Rollerina will most definitely be there.  She don't roll no more, grounded in flats with fabulous hat, and matching clutch she is still the life and soul of the party wherever she goes.

Our friend Skip could make it last year but he sent us a present - an adorable twinkie fresh out of the naval academy who came bearing cupcakes as a gift.  Unfortunately Rollerina snatched that twinkie out from right under our noses (they bonded on being in the military, of all things) and once the boat docked, he was never to be seen again.

Rollerina & Our Twinkie

In honor of all my fabulous and fun loving gay (and lesbian) friends who are celebrating Pride this weekend, I offer up these sparkling pink twinkies in celebration.

I used a recipe for shortcut twinkies from The Cooking Photographer, except I did not use the shortcut.  I made my own golden pound cake with this recipe. Before folding the eggwhites into the batter, I added Wilton's Rose food coloring.

This video from famous recipe cloner, Todd Wilbur was extremely helpful, with a great tip for making the molds.

For the filling, you flip the twinkie over while it's still warm (haha) , make three holes and fill them with cream (hahaha).

I made matching sparkle sugar by putting 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar in a zip lock bag and adding a dab of the rose coloring and some white luster dust diluted with 1/2 teaspoon of clear vodka. I smushed it all together by rubbing the outside of the bag until the sugar was evenly coated.

After filling the twinkies, I brushed them with simple syrup

and then covered them with the pink sparkle sugar

Happy Pride everyone! May your twinkies always be fresh and pink and come covered with sparkle sugar.


  1. too cute!!! I can't stand store bought twinkies, i think they are just plastic...eeek, but i always wanted to try make homemade ones, and now i will ;) thanks

  2. these look yummy, just found your blog today, very cool!


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