Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lemon Mint Curd and June's LOL Food Blogger Posts

I am so sure every food blogger who has made or attempted to make macarons has a follow up post at some point showcasing either curd or ice cream. The egg yolks tend to pile up, especially if you need to (ahem) turn out more than one batch (read: have a few failures).

So here is the result of one of my predictable solutions. I've wanted to try making curd for awhile now. I made Alton Brown's Lemon Curd recipe and threw in a handful of fresh mint.

 Wow. It came out sensational.

I admit I panicked a bit when it didn't thicken up as much as I thought it should so I threw in a pinch (or two...or three) of corn starch. Ok. I cheated. I could have easily ended up with something that sounds like curd but begins with a T but the end result was a curd packed with flavor. The mint added a bit of extra oomph.

The yolks were soo bright yellow

I love funny. Here are June's LOL Food Blogger Posts that made me smile and/or laugh out loud:

David Lebovitz provides and equally hilarious and horrifying quiz for people considering moving to France.

Vanilla Garlic's witty account of life and death struggle in his garden.

She simmers has a conversation with a duck and a cherry.

Upset over the oil spill, the Too Many Hats Chick presented a solution instead of a rant and a protest cookie, like I did.

Not Quite Nigella's quest for the perfect Bacon Lasagne.

Over at Daydreamer Desserts For this month's Mactweets macaron challenge, Tommy the tortoise and Paul the platypus play out a rescue drama over at the Evil River Lady's place.

Three Baking Sheets to the Wind recounts getting a prize for her brilliant cupcakes.

In her post, Six Freezing Degrees of Al & Tipper's Separation, Lentil Breakdown (best blog name ever!)speculates different reasons for the Gore divorce through Ben & Jerry's Ice cream flavors.

A Cozy Kitchen takes on the recession with a cookie.

Shortbread Bakery posted an obit for The Pillsbury Dough Boy

Greg at Sippitysup doubly brilliant post showcases both a luscious blackberry cocktail paired with a fun TV show idea.

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  1. Your own curd (not a turd). It looks and sounds quite refreshing. We've never made our own curd. Wonder why yours didn't thicken as much as you thought. We would've probably tried the cornstarch method just like you did!


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