Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bunny Butts Cupcakes

Original Post 3/20/10

On my daily walks, I see bunnies everywhere bounding through the fields around our house. They reminded me this cupcake recipe from the fabulous Hello  Cupcake book have been on my list for awhile.

I didn't get to make these adorable Rabbit in the Hole cupcakes last Easter.  Sure am glad I made them today. My nieces and nephew would agree.

I had some leftover ingredients from Fines Garten and used the remaining crumbs from the Chocolate Graham Cracker Cookies.

Wittle wabbit feetsies. So cute.

These have already disappeared faster than, well, a bunny down a hole.

Only sorry I didn't make more.


  1. ADORABLE!!!!! Love these!

  2. please tell me what you used for the feet! i cant find white circus peanuts anywhere!!!

  3. @ taliaaaaaaaaa We don't have Circus Peanuts here in Germany. I did hear a rumor they stopped making the white ones in the States :-(

    I used white marshmallow mice that are very popular here. I cut the bodies of the mice into bunny feet shapes with scissors. I suggest you troll the candy aisles of your local super market and see if you can find a white marshmallow candy big enough to do the same.

  4. i have used half of a nutter butter cookie


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