Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's French Fries Cookies With Raspberry "Ketchup" and "Mayo" Frosting Dips

My entire Germany family are French Fries Monsters. I don't know if it has something to do with living so close to the Belgium border (45 minutes) where they were invented, or because my sister in law raised 5 kids and while they eat mostly locally grown healthy food, french fries once a week sometimes are just easier.

I don't know what my husband's excuse is because he is the worst offender.  When he is home from Iraq there are several forays for french fries or he just makes them at home.   Polly, our local grill here in our Little German Village near the Dutch Border provides takeout with the best french fries in our area.  When we go to pick up our order, we just bring a huge pot from home and they fill it up with "Pommes" (french fries) enough for the entire family. There's usually 10 of us eating at once. They are the perfect accompaniment for pork cutlet, bami (fried rice balls with spices) and gyros with tzatziki.

I saw this cute and clever recipe at Canadian Living and thought it would be the perfect April Fools Day treat/Joke for the entire family. This day is not only celebrated in Canada and the USA but "Erste April" is also celebrated here in Germany with jokes.  Yes, Germans CAN be funny folks.

Here is the recipe I found from the same source for Raspberry Ketchup. And this is a very raspberry-ee picture I took while making it. I was straining the seeds out of the sauce.

The cookies were simple to make.  Roll out the dough after an hour in the fridge and cut into french fry shapes.  The recipe suggests making the fries thick.  I don't like thick cut fries and I also thought cutting them thinner made them look more like fries.

I also cut the ends on the diagonal to get a more realistic shape.

Just brush the dough with egg yoke and sprinkle with sugar before popping them in the oven. Most Germans eat their fries with mayo, so I made fake mayo out of frosting adding a teeny drops of brown and yellow food coloring.

Happy April Fool's Day and I hope you get some laughs. Always a great way to start a month.


  1. Fantastic idea!! I've just stumbled upon your blog and its great!! Your so creative!! I will definitely be trying these badboys ;)

  2. I'm making these this year. Thanks for the recipe and info about the mayo! It's so hard to make something look like mayo when it's not.


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