Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Inside-Out Pumpkin Muffins - September's King Arthur Flour's Bakealong

This is the second month of King Arthur Flour's Bakealong. September's Inside-Out Pumpkin Muffins recipe features a streusel topping and a cream cheese center. The muffins look much more complicated to make than they are. 

Even though I just posted a streusel cake a couple of days ago, I had to share these streusel-topped muffins sooner rather than later, because they are so unusual and delicious. 

For each Bakalong, King Arthur Flour provides detailed step by step instructions in addition to the recipe as well as tips and tricks to use along the way. 

Upload a picture of your creation to social media, use the hashtag #bakealong and your photo will also go up on King Arthur Flour's Bakealong site. I don't know why I am having so much fun with this, but I am. 

I thought it was serendipitous when this month's recipe was released because I had all but one ingredient already on hand and could start baking immediately. The missing ingredient was boiled cider, although the recipe says you can substitute dark corn syrup or honey. FYI - You can also buy boiled cider on the King Arthur Flour's website

The serendipity was short lived because I decided to make my own boiled cider which is easy to make but takes hours. 

Like. Six. Hours. 

The upside is it has one ingredient, 1 gallon of apple cider. boil it. That's it. 

While my cider was boiling, I defrosted the homemade pumpkin puree I had in the freezer. Then I stirred together the streusel mixture and made the cream cheese filling.

The most time-consuming  (if you don't boil your own cider), but by no means difficult part of the recipe is layering the batter, cream cheese filling and streusel into the muffin pans. 

The result is worth it. These are a delicious, perfect pumpkin flavored Fall brunch or breakfast treat. The oatmeal in the streusel adds a touch of hearty, brown sugar adds a caramel flavor and the sugared cream cheese add a delicious surprise.

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  1. These look delicious - thanks for sharing. A great hot chocolate and muffin Fall treat!!


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