Monday, March 21, 2011

The Best Little Cupcake Shop in Munich

When I saw a post on Cupcakes Take the Cake announcing a cupcake store, Wir Machen Cupcakes (translation: We Make Cupcakes) had opened in Munich, I put it at the top of my list for my next visit there.

Just so happens on the weekend I stopped by, Wir Machen Cupcakes was participating in Cakes for Japan.

The owners had designed and created four special Japanese themed designs for the event with proceeds going to the Red Cross for disaster relief. Here they are:  Sushi, a Geisha, Cherry Blossom Tree and Green Tea Black Sesame cupcakes


The store itself is a darling little cupcake oasis on a lovely side street tucked between two of the most popular neighborhoods in Munich. 

The decor is sweet with a few places to sit if you want to eat your cupcake in house along with coffee.

They also have cool cupcake related items for purchase. 

Like wrappers and sprinkles for M√ľncheners who want to try their hands at making cupcakes at home.

Other items fall on the novelty side, like hand cream in a cupcake shaped container,

cupcake bath products,

and this fun cupcake recycled material bag. 

Just a really cute mix of merch.

Passionfruit and Dead Elvis Cupcakes

Ok so now onto the cupcakes. To start, I supported the cause and purchased all four Japan themed cupcakes. 

The Geisha was a vanilla, vanilla combo, the sushi a chocolate vanilla combo. The cherry blossom was a vanilla cupcake glazed with white chocolate ganache and the green tea black sesame was a wonderful combination of flavors. All were excellent. 

I wanted to try a wider variety of flavors so with the help of friends we tried Strawberry Kiss, Amalfi Dream, Cookies and Cream and the special of the day which was chocolate caramel pomegranate as well.

Vanilla Cupcake with Strawberry Preserves Topped with Vanilla Strawberry Buttercream
Lemon Cupcake with Lemon Curs Topping, Candied Orange and Lemon Buttercream
Cookies and Cream Cupcake
Chocolate Caramel Cupcake Topped with Vanilla Buttercream, Caramel Drizzle and Pomegranate Seeds

Each cupcake had it's own unique delicate flavor. My favorite is a toss up between the Chocolate caramel pomegranate and the strawberry but all tasted light, deliciously fresh and homemade. 

The cupcake flavors and decoration are mainly created by Sydney transplant Sheloian Tonedo.

His partner Iris, a Munich native, runs the front of house as well as contributes creative ideas. Both have backgrounds in marketing and Sheloian attended William Angliss Institute of TAFE culinary school in Australia, studying to be a dessert/pastry chef. He told me his creative influences are a cross between what looks great on display and what is relevant in the world at the moment. Mostly he say he lets the day inspire him.

Sheloian has a wonderful eye for design and a real flair for balancing flavors. The frosting is his secret recipe. He told me it is based on Swiss buttercream. It's very light, smooth and not too sweet, the later an important taste element for Germans. Desserts in general contain much less sugar in Germany than in the States. 

Black Forest Cherry Cupcake

Wir Machen Cupcakes is on it's way to being a runaway success. The cupcakes were flying out of the display case almost faster than they could replenish them.

The day I visited, even the Consulate General from the US embassy stopped in before me with his children. 

Iris told me that on the rare occasions when they over bake, at the end of the day she gathers up the leftover cupcakes and takes them down to Munich's main train station. She donates them to the Mission there where they provide food for the city's destitute and homeless.

On Sundays, they put out a little decorate your own cupcake bar for children.

This is what the 6 year old girl with our group created.

This little place has a big heart. I wish them much continued success and they can now count me in as a loyal customer whenever I am in Munich.

Black Forest Cupcake

If you are in Munich, treat yourself to a visit. This is a great place to sit down, order a coffee and a cupcake and enjoy...

The best little cupcake store in Munich...

Wir Machen Cupcakes
Utzschneiderstrasse 12
80469 Munich

Tel: +49 (0) 17666855258

They also take special orders for parties and events.

Amalfi Dream


  1. What a wonderful little shop. The cupcakes all sound so yummy. I love the kids decorate their own cupcakes idea.

  2. What a gorgeous shop and what talented bakers/decorators. Love that they have a decorating day for the kiddies.

  3. That looks like a wonderful shop. Those cupcakes are outstanding. This is my first visit to your blog so I've spent some time browsing through your earlier entries. I really like the food and recipes you feature here and I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  4. Wow! they are really cute. I wish I could go there and get some. You have a lovely blog with beautiful pictures.

  5. great post! i wish that place was around when i lived in munich. (in 1996!)

  6. Hey there, fantastic post and you've really done justice to WMC and to Iris & Sheol. They are a fantasic couple, really hard-working, passionate about wht they do and sooo friendly. Believe it or not, when the shop first opened, we League of Accidental Hausfrauen managed to squeeze FIFTEEN of us into that small space :-) It woud be fun for us LoaHFers to meet up with the Mad Hausfrau and her friends on your next trip to Munich! (treasaspragg@gmail.oom)

  7. Awesome blog post. Have been dying to get to Munich for these cupcakes since they opened. Love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    Now I just need an excuse to go to Munich!!

  8. I live in Munich with my family and work at the US Consulate. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely bring my three year old one Sunday to decorate her own cupcake. She would love that! Also, I love your blog. I stumbled upon it when I was looking for more creative recipes for the Easter bunny mold I just purchased. I've bookmarked your blog as inspiration for favorite hobby with my daughter.

    1. Thank you for your lovely words! Fo me, Munich is t"the one that got away". I still miss living there. You will love the cupcake shop. The couple who run it are wonderful. So happy my blog can provide inspiration for you and your daughter to bake together.


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