Thursday, January 13, 2011

Poppy Seed Rum Raisin Strudel With Cinnamon Glaze

The great thing about strudel recipes is the ability to exercise your kitchen creativity to switch up the flavors. There are three opportunities to do this, in the dough, flavor or glaze.

For the dough, for example, you can choose between whole wheat or spelt or all purpose white flour, among other options. Add ins to the dough can also boost the flavor. I added freshly grated lemon zest to this strudel dough to pull out a bit of brightness. You can add different zest, flavor extracts and spices to the dough

The filling options are limitless. In the recipe below I added rum soaked raisins to a more traditionally poppy seed filling. The nut ingredient is also a great place to play with options. I used walnuts but you can add a different variety or a combination of different types of nuts.

For the glaze, the flavor choices are also endless. In this recipe I felt cinnamon was a good compliment to the rest of the flavors. Again, here is a good place to change up the glaze flavor by adding spices and/or extracts.

The most important ingredient besides your creativity is patience as strudel takes quite a bit of time to make. It's not a desert to make if you are rushed or in a hurry.
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  1. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!

  2. Oh yum, rum and raisin has my name on it :) I recently made strudel for the first time too but cheated and used filo, which I guess makes it not-quite-strudel. I'm keen to try this recipe and make the whole thing from scratch, thanks Lora.

  3. I looooove it !!! I have lived in Germany for 3 years and ate it almost every day! never made it though, so time to catch up! thank u for posting. P.S. glaze makes it so much better, so i'll overdo it too :D


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