Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oscar Cupcakes and Hollywood Walk of Fame Cookies

When I am in the States I spend a lot of time in Milford, PA where my friends have a country house.  It's a fabulous quirky place with creative people, great parties and fun events.  The town even has a small and wonderful film festival called the Black Bear Film Festival.

Btw, black bears are everywhere in Milford.  Here's a view out of my friends' living room window one recent morning....

He was after the bird seed.

I am spending the Summer in the States this year. So over the past few weeks there have been the inevitable trips out to Milford to hang out and attend fabulous parties. This past weekend there was a fundraiser for the film festival. At this event you had to come as your favorite movie star. I'll take any excurse to dress in high drag. However after being compared to Bette Midler my whole life, I finally caved and decided to just this once go as her.

I am actually wearing an Oscar De La Renta dress I wore to the Tony Awards in 1986. One of my rules is never throw out a good drag dress. Ever.

My friend Wendy had a fabulous costume as Tippi Hedrun from "The Birds"

I donated these Red Carpet Oscar cupcakes and Walk of Fame Cookies to the event:

For the cupcakes, I made the Magnolia recipe for vanilla cupcakes and vanilla buttercream.

I used paste food coloring to get Red Carpet Red and gold foil wrappers.

I made marshmallow fondant, colored it gold yellow with paste food coloring and and cut out and Oscar shapes.

I then painted the Oscar shapes with gold metallic food powder and stuck them on the tops of the cupcakes.

For the Walk of Fame cookies. First I made sugar cookies using Bridget's from Bake at 350 sugar cookie and royal icing recipes.  I didn't have almond extract handy so I doubled the vanilla and tinted the icing charcoal colored with black food coloring paste.

I made a large square cookie cutter out of cardboard to get the sidewalk panels. Then I tinted some marshmallow fondant pink, rolled it out and cut out the shapes with a star cookie cutter. I wrote the stars' names on with kopycake food coloring markers, stuck the pink stars on the still wet icing, brushed the stars with a bit of white corn syrup and sprinkled white sparkle sugar over everything.

People had fun picking out and eating their favorite stars.

These cookies and cupcakes are very timely. I am actually leaving for Hollywood very early tomorrow morning. It will be fun to be in California again. I lived there for five years and haven't been back there in awhile.

Westward Ho!


  1. Looks like you girls know how to have fun at a party!

  2. Cute post and creative ideas! I love your profile picture--I think I have that dress...somewhere!


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