Baked Camembert with Honey-Thyme Onions
Baked Pears with Walnuts & Blue Cheese
Blue Cheese, Parmesan Cumin Seed Shortbread Rounds
Christmas Balls Cheese Spreads Appetizer
Fried Brie with Pumpkin Honey Dipping Sauce
Ladybug Caprese
Ramp Basil Parmesan Puff Pastry Sticks
Spinach & Cheese Mini Strudels
Tomato Tulips Spring Appetizer

Deviled Eggs
Batty Roasted Garlic Deviled Eggs for Halloween
Black & Orange Halloween Deviled Eggs

Caprese in Crunchy Fried Potato Jackets
Caramelized Onion Hummus
Lemon Key Lime Rosemary Hummus
Olive Hummus
Pecan Pesto Hummus with Leaf Shaped Pita Breads
Rainbow Carrot Hummus
Red, White & Blue Hummus
Roasted Beet Tarragon Hummus
Roasted Butternut Squash Hummus
Roasted Smoked Garlic Lemon Hummus
Tarragon Roasted Pumpkin Hummus


Heirloom Tomato and Lemon Cucumber Salsa
Tequila Cilantro Pepita Pesto Salsa


Easter Egg Spring Vegetable and Curry Spreads
Amaretto Spice Pumpkin Butter
Fried Obatzda
Quince Obatzda
Rainbow Crudités & Rainbow Party DipsRutabaga Apple Paprika Spread

Misc. Appetizer Recipes

Bratwurst Filled Mustard Knödel
Everything Fried Pickles with Horseradish Sauce
Heart Shaped Beet Chips with Garlic Parsley Dip
Smoked Paprika Guacamole with Caramelized Nectarines
Tahini Harissa Rugelach


Chewy Fruit and Nut Bars
Chili Mango white Chocolate Chip Biscoff Granola Bars
Chunks of Flesh Rice Krispie Treats for Halloween
Dark Chocolate Ganache Folk Heart Brownies with Sugar Candy Roses
Dark Cocoa Cayenne Brownies
Double Chocolate Brownies Topped with Allspice Ganache
Goji Berry Mango Spelt Breakfast Bars
Hazelnut Marzipan Brownies
Lebkuchen (German Gingerbread) Brownies
Milkyway Macadamia Pistachio Cream Bars
Pear Almond Brownies
Pioneer Woman's Creamy Lemon Crumb Squares
Quince Cranberry Almond Bars
Rice Krispie Treat Presents
Sour Cherry Peanut Blondies with Peanut Butter Frosting

Cheesy Ramp Basil Pull-Apart Bread
Cinnamon Apple Twist Bread
Cinnamon Star Bread
Easter Bunny Shaped Breads
Everyday Whole Grain Bread
French Baguettes
Golden Focaccia
Gruyére-Stuffed Crusty Loaves
Herb Spelt Bread
Herb Yogurt Bread
Osterkranz for Easter
Pane Bianco
Poppy Seed Bread (mohnstangen)
Pumpkin Fennel Bread
Quince Almond Bread
Red Beet Whole Wheat Bread
Roasted Garlic Elephant's Foot Potato Bread
Six Strand Challah Bread
Whole Wheat Espresso Date Bread
Whole Wheat Ramp Walnut Bread

No Rise Bread:
Artichoke Biscuit Bread with Asiago Cheese and Olives
Banana Buttermilk Blackberry Bread
Lemon Glazed Cardamom Pear Macadamia Mini Breads
Lemon Sumac Buttermilk Quick Bread
Life Changing Loaf of Bread
Mushroom Walnut Potato Cake with Thyme
No Rise Nutty Fig Whole Wheat Bread
No Rise Oatmeal Yogurt Whole Wheat Bread
Pistachio Lemon Quick Bread
Wheat Germ Banana Bread with dried Red currants, Mulberries, and Almonds

Cheddar Oregano Spelt Spiral Rolls
Dinner Rolls Christmas Tree
Everything Sauerkraut Rolls
Four Leaf Clover Butterflake Herb Rolls
German Lucky Pig Breads
Lucky Pig Star Anise Dinner Rolls
Pizza Rolls
Raisin Breads Topped with Lemon Cream and Apricots
Whole Wheat Feta Kalamata Olive Rolls
Whole Wheat Fig Toasted Walnut Rolls


Breakfast Pizza
Breakfast Sweet Potatoes: Bacon & Eggs & Cheese Baked in Sweet Potatoes


Bananas and Cream Bundt Cake with Brown Butter Glaze
Blueberry Brown Sugar Buckwheat Gugelhupf
Easter Bird's Nest Cake
German Almond Fruit Cake
Mini Bundt Cake Halloween Ghosts
Red, White and Blue Zebra Bundt Cake with Cherry Glaze


Brown Sugar Sour Cream Cakelets with Maple Glaze
Gesine's Golden Eggs
Lemon Glazed Pear Cardamom Macadamia Mini Tea Breads
Lemon Sugar Tulip Cakes
Marzipan Filled Mango, Pistachio, Cashew Stollen Bites
Orange Vanilla Bunny and Lamb Cakes with Creamsicle Glaze
Pink Sparkly Twinkies
Pumpkin Buttermilk Cake Pumpkin Patch
Red Wine German Gingerbread Cake


Cheesecake with Chocolate Graham Cracker Crust and Rose Hips Sour Cream Glaze
Coconut Mint Rhubarb Swirl Cheesecake
Minneola Cheesecake with Amaretti Crust

Fondant Covered

Chocolate Spice Cake Covered with Chocolate fondant
Moccasin Cake
Morning Glory Cake
Quilt Cake
Scuba Fin Cake
Sour Cream Vanilla Bean Chocolate Sprinkles Flip-Flops Cake
Tiki Cake
United Nations Farewell Cake


Apple Chestnut Gugelhupf with Calvados Glaze
Apricot Marzipan Pistachio Gugelhupf
Chocolate Egg Liquor Gugelhupf
Chocolate Red Wine Gugelhupf
Spinach Lemon Sunflower Gugelhupf
Strawberry Gugelhupf

Layer Cakes

American Flag in a Cake
Black Raspberry Jam Layer Cake with Caramel FrostingCaramel Ginger Milk Chocolate Layer Cake
Chocolate Mousse Cake with Raspberries
Coconut Ginger Layer Cake
Hazelnut Carrot Cake with Black Tea Cream Cheese Frosting
Nasturtium Covered Lemon Layer Cake
Shades of Grey Ombre Cake

Savory Cakes
Hot Dog Cake
Riesling Rosemary Almond Savory Bundt Cake
Sauerkraut Bacon Yogurt Cake
Sunflower Agave Cakelets

Sheet Cakes

Apricot Almond Marzipan Sheet Cake
Blueberry Oatmeal Sheet Cake with Meringue Lattice
Candied Ginger Physalis (Ground Cherry) Cake
Cheeseburger for a Crowd
Cherry Poppy Seed Streusel Cake
Chocolate Sauerkraut Spice Cake with Caramel Frosting
German Honey Cake
Lavender Bee Sting Cake
Patchwork Fruit Sheet Cake
Pear Poppy Seed Cake with Caramel Sauce
Pear Walnut Ginger Cake
Pomegranate Soaked Apple Cake with Pistachio Streusel
Rhubarb Lavender Cake
Rhubarb Meringue Cake
Semolina Yogurt Cake Soaked in Ginger Lime Syrup
Sunken Sour Cherry Cake
Strawberry Butter Cake with Black Pepper Streusel
Sweet Milk Cake with Blue Flower Glaze

Streusel Cakes
Blackberry Chocolate Cake with Marzipan Chocolate Chip Streusel
Blueberry Hyssop Streusel Cake
Buttermilk Butter Cake with Lemon Lavender Streusel
Cherry Poppy Seed Streusel Cake
Chocolate Babka
Chocolate Streusel Cake
Elderberry Marzipan Streusel Cake
Pomegranate Soaked Apple Cake with Pistachio Streusel
Quince Chocolate Streusel Cake
Rhubarb Crumb Cake 
Rhubarb Raspberry Streusel Cake
Sour Cherry Cake with Olive Oil Streusel
Strawberry Butter Cake with Black Pepper Streusel

Misc. Cake Recipes

Apple Cardamom Cake with Caramelized Almonds
Baked Apple Nutella Chocolate Cake
Blueberry Banana Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting
Butterscotch White Chocolate Babka with Caramel Streusel
Chocolate, Banana, Whipped Cream Mole Cake
Cube Cake with Hazelnut Marzipan
Easter Bird's Nest Cake
Knife in the Head Skull Cake
Leena's Kick-Ass Carrot Cake
Meyer Lemon Vanilla Bean Loaf Cake
Orange Hazelnut Molasses Cake
Pink Grapefruit White Chocolate Cake
Red and White Tiger Cake with Peppermint Glaze
Red Beet Walnut Chocolate Cake
Rhubarb Vanilla Danube Wave Cake
Skull Cake - Day of the Dead
Spectacular Orange Cake
Swabian Apple Cake
Tiger Cake with Peppermint Glaze


Chili Pepper Cake Pops
Confetti Cake Balls
Heart Shaped Globe Earth Day Cake Pops
Hedgehog Cake Balls
Hello Kidney Cake Pops
July 4th Star Shaped Cake Pops
Mini Flower Cake Pops

Almond Flavored Candy Matzahs
Chocolate Tree Bark Candy Bars with Royal Icing Flowers
Easter Bunny Bark
Heart Shaped Valentine's Candy Bark
Kooky Spooky Oreo Monster Eyes Bark
Santa Hangover Bark


Allspice Macadamia Nut Brittle
Brown Sugar Brittle with Hazelnuts and Rosemary
Pumpkin  Pie Spice Brittle
Red Velvet Cashew Brittle


Brown Sugar Persimmon Caramels
Chocolate Dipped Lebkuchen Caramels
Hibiscus Rose Caramels
Jasmine Caramels
Prosecco Caramels
Red Velvet Caramels
Soft Chocolate Caramels with Mixed Herbs


Buttered Popcorn Marshmallows
Cherry Heart Marshmallows with Pearls
Green Apple Mini Marshmallows
Heart Shaped Tie-Dyed Valentine's Marshmallows
Honeysuckle Marshmallows
Pink Lip Marshmallows for Valentine's Day
Shamrock Mint Marshmallows
Tie Dyed Bunny & Butterfly Marshmallows


Bittersweet Chocolate Violet Truffles
Butterscotch Pumpkin Pie Spice Truffles
Butterscotch Ginger Truffles
Caramel Rum White Chocolate Truffles
Charoset Truffles
Cherry Brandy Truffles
Chocolate Curacao Smoked Paprika Truffles
Chocolate Raspberry Truffles
Chocolate Spearmint Truffles
Dark Chocolate Truffles Sprinkled with Lemongrass and Lime Flavored Sea Salt
Ginger Brandy Chocolate Truffles
Hot Chocolate Candy Cane Truffles
Lilac Chocolate Truffles
Milk Chocolate Kombucha Truffles
Pine Honey Chocolate Truffles
Red Velvet Chocolate Truffles
Root Beer Float Chocolate Truffles
Rose Butter Coconut Truffles
Severed Tongue Truffles for Halloween
Spicy, Glittery Fireworks Truffles
Sushi Truffles
White Chocolate Wasabi Mint Truffles

Misc. Candy Recipes

Buttermilk Pecan Candy
Gin & Tonic Fudge


Cherry Chili Margarita
Fresh Guava Mint Frozen Margaritas for Cinco de MayoPlum Margarita
Spearmint Frozen Margaritas

Peppar Tomato Water Martini
Plum Martini
Pomelo Martini
Root Beer Martinis
Rose Martinis

Misc. Cocktails

Hibiscus Sloe Gin Fizz
Hot Apple Brandy Punch with Marzipan Whipped Cream
Morello Cherry Tequila Sour
Painkillers from Virgin Gorda, BVI
Pomegranate Sparkling Sangria
Pomelo Bellini
Rhubarb Mint Frosé
Rhubarb Raspberry Gin Fizz
Tulip Vodka

Homemade German Egg Liqueur
Fig Cinnamon Liqueur
Red Wine Rum Coffee Liqueur

Bavarian Kraut
Homemade Herb Sugars
Magical Pink Applesauce
Making a Rumtopf
Paradise Kraut
Ramp Salt
Rhubarb, Date, Ginger Chutney
Roasted Jalapeño Strawberry Relish
Strawberry Balsamic Mustard
Strawberry Ketchup


April Fools Cookies
April Fool's French Fries Cookies With Raspberry "Ketchup" and "Mayo" Frosting Dips
Cocktail Weenie Cookies
Meringue Mushrooms
Red Velvet "Pepperoni" Cookies (No Bake)


Barberry Chocolate Chip Spelt Biscotti
Chocolate Confetti Chip Biscotti
Hazelnut Ginger Biscotti Dipped in White Chocolate 
Smoked Almond Chocolate Chip Biscotti
Toasted Pine Nut Rosemary Chocolate Chip Brown Sugar Biscotti
White Mulberry Macadamia Nut Brown Sugar Biscotti

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Blueberry, Chocolate, Potato Chip Cookies
Candied Bacon, Caramel, White, Milk and Dark Chocolate Chunk Heart Attack Cookies
Chocolate Chip Toasted Almond Spelt Cookies
Kumquat White Chocolate Chip Sugar Cookies
Melon White Chocolate Chip Cookies
Pistachio White Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cherry Chocolate Chip Linzer Cookie Sticks

Christmas Cookies

12 Days of Christmas Rosemary Springerle Cookies
Advent Calendar Hazelnut Hibiscus Linzer Cookies
Allspice Sugar Cookie Christmas Trees
Candy Cane Cookies 
Christmas Cookie Word Jumble
Christmas Lights Meringues
Easy Holly Christmas Cookies
Gingerbread Camels & Palm Trees
Gingerbread Cookie Tags
Glühwein Hazelnut Linzer Cookies
Jumbo Stained Glass Cookies
Lebkuchen Bites
Poinsettia Cookies 
Poinsettia Cookie Platter
Red Velvet Cashew Kipferl
Rosemary Marzipan Rollout Cookies
Traditional German Springerle Cookies
White Poinsettia Cookie Platter

Cinco de Mayo Cookies

Chocolate Chile Chihuahuas
Frieda Kahlo's Almond Cornmeal Cookies
Margarita Cookies 

Decorated Sugar Cookies

April Showers Cookies
BP Oil Spill Cookies
Baby Cookies
Chocolate Chile Chihuahuas
Dove Cookies
Dress For Success Cookies (Jackets, Ties & Dresses)
Easy Holly Christmas Cookies
Glitter Hearts Moon Stars Cookies
Jeweled AIDS Ribbon Cookies
Karneval Cookies
Lion Decorated Sugar Cookies
Mad Hatter Cookies
Manta Ray Sea Salt Rollout Sugar Cookies
Margarita Cookies 
Medical Themed Decorated Sugar Cookies
Mermaid Cookies
Pretty Ballerinas Decorated Sugar Cookies
Prosecco Rollout Cookies
Purple Heart Camouflage Cookies
Rainbow Gay Pride sugar Cookies
Red Stiletto Decorated Sugar Cookies
Red, White and Blue Easter Egg cookies
Thriller Cookies
Tie-Dyed Peace Sign Sugar Cookies
Shamrock and Irish Spring Cookies
Soccer Cookies
Spring Cookies

Easter Cookies

Birds' Nest Cookies
Butterfly Shaped Meringues
Easter Themed Fondant Covered Cookies
Easter Seven Layer Cookies
Egg Shaped Jam Sandwich Cookies
Italian Easter Cookies
Pysanka Easter Cookies 
Spring Cookies

Fall Cookies

Allspice Fall Leaf Meringue Cookies
Autumn Seven Layer Cookies
Baked Apple Cookies
Chocolate Dipped Pumpkin Pie Spice Graham Crackers
Dirndl & Lederhosen Oktoberfest Cookies
Falling Leaves Colorful Sugar Cookies
Pumpkin Cinnamon Kipferl Cookies
Pumpkin Pie Rugelach

Fortune Cookies

Gold & Silver Lavender Fortune Cookies
Pink Sparkly Fortune Cookies

German Cookies

Almond Cinnamon Lemon German Crescent Cookies
Bear Claw Cookies Dipped in Chocolate
Cherry Chocolate Chip Linzer Cookie Sticks
Chocolate Pretzel Cookies - Low Fat
Espresso Cinnamon Stars
German Marzipan Sand Cookies
Königsberger Marzipan Cookies
Lavender Kipferl
Lebkuchen Bites
Orange Cardamom Hazelnut Kipferl
Pastry Pretzel Cookies
Pumpkin Cinnamon Kipferl Cookies
Priest's Hat Cookies -Red Wine Butter Cookies with Red Currant Jam
Radler Flavored Pretzel Cookies
Red Velvet Cashew Kipferl
Rose Petal Springerle Cookies
Rum Glazed Pretzel Shaped Cookies
Sacher Torte Cookies
Spectacular Spekulatius
Traditional German Springerle Cookies

Halloween Cookies

Bone Meringues
Bone Glittery Sugar Cookies for Halloween
BOO Halloween Cookies
Boomeringue Cookies for Halloween
Easy Monster Clusters
EEK Halloween Cookies
Girlie Mummy Cookies for Halloween
Monster Finger Cookies
Witch Leg Cookies

Jewish Holiday Cookies

Cherry Charsoret Chocolate  Cookies
Hannukah Gelt Chocolate Cookies
Macaroons with White and Semisweet Chocolate Chunks
Pistachio Sea Buckthorn Rugelach
Pumpkin Pie Rugelach
Red Velvet Macaroons
Spelt Brown Sugar Hamantaschen with Red Currant Agave Filling

Linzer Cookies

Cashew Vanilla Bean Linzer Cookies with Pink Grapefruit Curd
Cherry Charsoret Chocolate  Cookies
Coconut Hot Pepper Jelly Linzer Cookies
Cutie (Clementine) Linzer Cookies
Glühwein Hazelnut Linzer Cookies
Hot Pepper Jelly Cashew Linzer Heart Cookies
Linzer Cookies with Chocolate Cinnamon Ganache


Macaroons with White and Semisweet Chocolate Chunks
Red Velvet Macaroons


Bear Claw Cookies Dipped in Chocolate
Easter Bunny Ears Madeleines
Vanilla Bean Madeleines with Kumquat Glaze

Meringue Cookies

Allspice Fall Leaf Meringue Cookies
Butterfly Shaped Meringues
Chocolate Hazelnut Meringue Cookies
Meringue Mushrooms
Peaches & Cream Meringues
Mocha Meringues
Pecan Whisky Meringues
Pistachio Meringue Cookies
Purple Meringue Hearts Dipped in Chocolate
Strawberry Shortcake Meringues

Mother's Day Cookies

Mother's Day Message Cookies
Rose Petal Springerle Cookies

Oatmeal Cookies

Boiled Cider Pear Oatmeal Cookies
Butternut Squash Oatmeal Cookies
Flax Seed Date Oatmeal Cookies
Lemon & Lavender Glazed Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Piña Colada
Pistachio Oatmeal Espresso Cookies
Strawberry Oatmeal Thumbprint Cookies
Tangerine Sunflower Seed Oatmeal Cookies
Tropical Oatmeal Cookies

Oscar Night Cookies

Hollywood Walk of Fame Cookies
Red Carpet Cookie Sticks for the Oscars

Red, White & Blue Cookies

Red, White and Blue Easter Egg cookies
Red, White, and Blue Star Sugar Cookies
Red, White, and Blue Pinwheel Cookies
Tie-Dyed Peace Sign Sugar Cookies

St. Patrick's Day Cookies

Bailey's Irish Cream Lace Cookies
Chocolate Wintergreen Shamrock Sandwich Cookies
Shamrock and Irish Spring Cookies

Soft Sugar Cookies

Apple Pie Spice Sugar cookies
Allspice Sugar Cookie Christmas Trees
Clove Sugar Cookies with Mint Royal Icing
Lilac Vanilla Rollout Sugar Cookies
Sage Sugar Cookies
Spicy Oregano Sugar Cookies
Three Shades of Shamrock Cookies - Four Designs
White Chocolate Dipped Mixed Herb Sugar Cookies

Thumbprint Cookies

Cinnamon Chocolate Thumbprints
Lemon Rose Jam Thumbprint Cookies
Strawberry Oatmeal Thumbprint Cookies
Thumbprint Cookies With Sour Cherry Jam

Valentine's Cookies

Chocolate Nut Heart Cookies with Pink Pepper Glaze
Fondant Heart Sugar Cookies
Ginger Rose Shortbread Hearts
Heart Shaped Chocolate Love Poem Cookies
Hot Pepper Jelly Cashew Linzer Heart Cookies
Language of "Love" Cookies for Valentine's Day
Pink Sparkly Meringue Lips for Valentine's Day
Raspberry Pink Ombre Heart Terraced Cookies
Rose Petal Springerle Cookies
Sacher Torte Cookies
Valentine's Red Velvet Fondant Covered Sparkly Lip Cookies

Whoopie Pies

Kombucha Whoopie Pies with Kombucha Marshmallow Filling
Pomegranate Whoopie Pies with Marshmallow Filling

World AIDS Day Cookies

Jeweled AIDS Ribbon Cookies
World AIDS Day Ribbon Angels

Misc. Cookie Recipes

Applesauce, Caramel Pomegranate Cakies with Caramel Glaze
Basil Orange Cookies
Cherry Chili Spelt Cookies
Cherry Chip Brookies
Currant, Raisin, Candied Lemon Peel, Almond Cookies
Ginger Bourbon Almond Cookies
Lemon Almond Wheels
Mango Apricot Rum Swirl Cookies
Mosaic Cookies
Orange Crystallized Ginger Cookies
Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwiches with Black Cherry Vodka Spiked Buttercream
Peanut Butter Rosemary Cookies
Peanut Spice Sticks with Orange Glaze
Rainbow Gay Pride sugar Cookies
Raisin Hearts
Salted Peanut Cookies
Toasted Sesame-Poppy Seed Coriander Cookies
Traffic Light Cookies
Vanilla Almond Polar Bear Claw Cookies
Vanilla and Chocolate Rolled Cookies Four Ways


Allspice Cashew French Macarons with Honey Buttercream Filling
Allspice Macarons with Cranberry Cream Cheese Filling
Apricot French Macarons
Anise French Macarons with Lingonberry Filling
Apple Cider Macarons with Cinnamon Buttercream Filling
Apple Pie Spice French Macarons with Caramel Filling
Arnold Palmer French Macarons with Lemon Buttercream Fresh Mint Filling
Ballerina Dreams
Banana Macarons with Espresso Rum Filling
Banana Macsplits
Black Walnut French Macarons with Red Currant Jelly filling
Bloody Mary Macarons: Horseradish Shells with Tomato Tabasco Vodka Jam Filling
Blueberry French Macarons with Dulce de Leche filling
Box of Chocolates Macarons
Butter Pecan Macarons with Boysenberry Jam Filling
Buttered Popcorn French Macarons for Oscar Night
Butterscotch French Macarons with Vanilla Bean buttercream Filling
Caramel Macchiato Macarons with Salted Caramel Filling
Caramel Vanilla Macarons with Biscoff Filling
Caraway French Macarons with Tangerine Marmalade Filling
Cardamom Macarons with Maple Jelly filling
Cashew Cardamom Macarons with Lavender Buttercream Filling
Cashew Macarons with Fig Butter Filling
Champagne French Macarons
Chia Seed French Macarons with Date Syrup Buttercream Filling
Chili Pepper Macarons with Lime Buttercream Filling
Chocolate Macarons with Avocado Chocolate Chip Buttercream Filling
Chocolate Dandelion Macarons
Chocolate Marshmallow Macarons with Candy Cane Frosting Filling
Cinnamon Macarons with Rainbow Charoset Filling
Clove Macarons with Chocolate Ganache Filling
Coconut Macarons with Waldmeister Buttercream Filling
Coffee Macarons with Blackberry Violet Jelly Filling
Cookies -n- Cream French Macarons
Cream Cheese & Jelly French Macarons
Creme de Menthe French Macarons
Daffodil French Macarons with Green Vanilla Buttercream Filling
Devil Dog Damn Yankee Macarons
Easter Bonnet French Macarons
English Toffee French Macarons with Chocolate Buttercream Filling
Espresso Macarons with Chocolate Rum Ganache Filling
Espresso Macarons with Lemon Verbena Buttercream Filling
Espresso Macarons with Peppermint Buttercream
Fennel Macarons with Vanilla Fennel Candy Buttercream
French Four Spice Macarons with Apricot Preserves Filling
Fuji Apple French Macarons with Cacao Walnut Butter Filling
Funfetti French Macarons with Cream Cheese Frosting Filling
Galanga Macarons with Crunchy Speculoos Filling
Garam Masala Macarons with Mango Vanilla Buttercream Filling
German Magenbrot with Rum Coffee Glaze
Gingerbread Spice Macarons with Molasses Buttercream Filling
Ginger Macarons with Dark Chocolate Port Ganache
Ginger Macarons with Pear Preserves Filling
Goji Berry Macarons with Mixed Fresh Herb Vanilla buttercream
Gold Wagner Macarons with Bavarian Cream Filling
Grapefruit French Macarons with Vanilla Bean Buttercream Filling
Golden Macarons with Persimmon Buttercream Filling
Great White shark Macarons with Pink Sea Salt Caramel Filling
Green Apple French Macarons
Green Macarons with Chocolate Irish Cream Buttercream Filling
Heart Shaped Macarons with Godiva Chocolate Liqueur Buttercream
Hibiscus Flower Macarons with Red Velvet Nutella Filling
Honey Mustard Macarons
Hot Chocolate Macarons with Hot Buttered Rum Filling
Ice Cream Easter Eggs
Jasmine Macarons with Candied Aloe filling
Jeweled Macarons with White Chocolate Ganache Filling
Kola Nut Macarons with Salted Peanut Butter Frosting
Komodo Drag-arons with Strawberry Arrack Jelly
Kool-Aid Lemonade Macarons With Grape Kool-Aid Buttercream
Laptop MACarons With Apple Buttercream
Lavender Macarons with Orchid buttercream
Nancy Drew Blue Roadster Macarons with Lemonade Mystery Filling

Pink Punk Rock Macarons with Marshmallow Filling
Pistachio French Macarons with Pomegranate Jelly Filling
Pomegranate Macarons with Rose Vanilla Buttercream
Port Wine Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies
Prune Macarons with Chocolate Buttercream Filling
Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake Macarons
Pumpkin Pie Spice Macarons with Chocolate Ganache and Pumpkin Buttercream Fillings
Raspberry Mini Macarons with Espresso Buttercream
Red Licorice French Macarons
Red Velvet Macarons with Chocolate Liqueur Ganache Filling
Rose French Macarons with Strawberry Filling
Rose Hip Macarons with Rose Hip Liqueur Buttercream
Rosemary Rum French Macarons 
Rum Raisin French Macarons
Rum Vanilla French Macarons with Blueberry Filling
Sage Macarons with Pumpkin Bourbon Mascarpone  Filling
Salt & Pepper Macarons
Sassafras French Macarons with Vanilla Bean Buttercream Filling
Silver Macarons with Lavender Buttercream
Smoked Paprika Macarons with Dark Chocolate Ganache Filling
Speckled Egg French Macarons with Chocolate Ganache Filling
Star Anise Macarons with Dark Chocolate Ganache Filling
Strawberry Milk Macarons
Sumac and Apricot Macarons
Tarragon Macarons with Chocolate Buttercream Filling
Thyme French Macarons with Lemon Thyme Buttercream Filling
Turmeric Macarons with Chocolate Espresso Buttercream 
Tutti Frutti French Macarons
Vanilla Macarons with Honeysuckle Buttercream Filling
Vanilla Spearmint Sparkling Snowflake Macarons
Wasabi Macarons with White Chocolate Ganache Filling
Wheat Germ French Macarons with Peanut butter Filling
World AIDS Day Macarons with Red Hibiscus Buttercream

American Flag out of Cupcakes
Apple Cider Cupcakes With Maple Cream Frosting
Apple Pie Spiced Hi-Hats
Baby Cupcakes
Back to School Backpack Cupcakes
Baily's Caramel Irish Cream Mini Cupcakes
Banana Ginger Spelt Cupcakes with Dandelion Buttercream
Black Velvet Rose Cupcakes for Halloween
Bunny Butt Cupcakes for Easter
Candy Corn Hi-Hat Mini Cupcakes
Caribbean Blue Velvet Sea Anemone Cupcakes with Sea Salt Brown Butter Buttercream
Cherry Vanilla Hi Hat Cupcakes
Chili Vanilla Cupcakes
Christmas Dove Cupcakes
Cornucopia Apple Pie Spice Cupcakes with Cinnamon Buttercream
Devil Devil's Food Cupcakes
Easter Bonnet Cupcakes
Frito Caramel Cupcakes
Garden Cupcakes
Lebkuchen Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Buttercream
Heart Shaped Pink Cupcakes for Valentine's Day
Lemon Buttermilk Cupcakes with Earl Grey Tea Buttercream
Lilac Vanilla Bean Cupcakes
Lime Vanilla Green Carnation Cupcakes
Llama Cupcakes
Maypole Cupcakes
Milk Chocolate Cupcake Alligator
Mother's Day Vanilla Cupcake Flowers With Orange Buttercream
Mummy Cupcakes
Poinsettia Cupcakes
Prosecco Popcorn Cupcakes
Red Carpet Oscar Cupcakes
Rosebud Bouquet Chocolate Cupcakes
Sacher Torte Style Cupcakes with White Chocolate Chips
Salted Caramel Blueberry Filled Cupcakes With Blueberry and Caramel Buttercreams
Shark Fin Cupcakes
Sno Cone Red, White and Blue Chocolate Cupcakes
Soccer Cupcakes
Spezi Cupcakes with Orange Curd Filling
Tie-Dyed Cupcakes
Tiffany Inspired Cupcakes
Tomato Chocolate Cupcakes Topped with Olive Oil Parmesan Spaghetti Ice cream and Strawberry Basil Chianti Sauce
Travel Agent Cupcakes
UN Medical Themed Cupcakes - Low and Non-Fat
Vanilla and Chocolate Swirl Cupcakes
Vanilla Cupcakes with Pomelo Buttercream and Pink Grapefruit Curd Filling
Violet White Velvet Cupcakes


Dragon Fruit Curd
Cherimoya Curd
Gingerbread Persimmon Curd Trifle with Star Anise Whipped Cream
Lemon Mint Curd


Champagne Glazed Doughnuts
Chocolate Wine Glazed Doughnuts
Heart-Shaped Doughnuts with Raspberry Glaze
Hibiscus Glazed Heart Shaped buttermilk Doughnuts
Mint Glazed Mini Doughnuts
Rose Petal French Crullers
Vanilla Bean Doughnuts with Root Beer Glaze

Allspice Milk Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Burnt Honey Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Bears
Brown Sugar Blackberry Ice Cream
Caramelized Apple Vanilla Calvados Ice Cream with Speculoos Cream Swirl
Certifiable 7 Nut Ice Cream
Cherry Pecan Espresso Ice Cream
Cinnamon Toasted Walnut Ice Cream
Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Ice Cream
Coconut Pomegranate Ice Cream
Coffee & Cake Ice Cream
Cranberry Spice White Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream
Crazy Eyes Orange Ice Cream for Halloween
Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with Pistachio and Caramel Cream Swirls
Fall Rainbow Sherbet: Quince, Butternut Squash, and Cranberry
Ginger Milk Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Lavender Nutella Swirl Ice Cream
Lemon Ice Cream with Lavender Swirl
Lemon Mixed Herb Ice Cream
Low Fat Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Mandarin Orange-Basil Sorbet
Mango Vanilla White Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream
No Churn Apple Pie Spice Sorbet
Orange Thyme Sorbet
Pineapple Vanilla Ice Cream
Pistachio, White Chocolate Chip Banana Ice Cream
Pumpkin Fudge Ripple Ice Cream
Pumpkin Marzipan Ice Cream
Quince Wine Granita
Red Currant Lemon Balm Ice Cream
Roasted Peach Ice Cream with Allspice Caramel Swirl
Root Beer Espresso Ripple Ice Cream
Spearmint Fudge Ripple Ice Cream
Spicy Gingerbread Milk Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Star Anise Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Strawberry Milk Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Sweet Corn Ice Cream and Candied Basil
Turkish Delight Ice Cream
White Chocolate Marzipan Ice Cream
Vanilla Red Gooseberry Brittle Ice Cream

Bratwurst Filled Mustard Knödel
Hazelnut Ramp Knödel
Lemon Roast Chicken Over a Bed of Semmelknödel
Lemon Matzoh Knödel with Lemon Pistachio Cream Sauce
Piña colada Knödel
Ramp Shallot Knoedel
Sage sunflower Pumpkin Seed Stuffed Red Squash

Baked Apples Stuffed with Sage Beef & Rice
Beef Bratwurst Potato Spring Onion Casserole
Butternut Squash Ground Beef Casserole
Carrot Wrapped Egg Stuffed Meatloaf
Cheeseburger for a Crowd
Cheeseburger Strudel Rollups
Dark Beer Horseradish Beef Stew
Gruyere-Stuffed Walnut Thyme Meatballs
Lemon Basil Beef Roulade
Nutty Beef Schnitzel
Sheet Pan Steak Gouda Pfannkuchen with Creamy Chive Sauce
Stuffed Sweet Onions in Beer Sauce


Baked Chicken Wings in Rhubarb Thyme Sauce
Black Pepper Cream Chicken Over Lemon Butter Noodles
Chicken Breast with Orange Ginger Parsnips
Chicken Cornflakes Schnitzel with Apple Sauerkraut
Chicken in Apricot Thyme Cream Sauce
Chicken Mushroom Prune Tart
Chicken Pretzel Schnitzel
Everything Chicken Schnitzel with Scallion Cream Cheese Sauce
Garlic Chicken Breasts Wrapped in Potato Jackets
General Tso's Chicken
Lemon Roast Chicken Over a Bed of Semmelknödel
Orange Oregano Chicken with Bratwurst
Schnitzel Casserole in Thyme Mushroom Cream Sauce
Toasted Almond Chicken Roulade in Orange Cream Sauce


Duck Breast in Sherry Cream Sauce

Anchovy Sauerkraut Potato Tart
Beer Battered Fried Fish Fingers with Apple Mustard Cream
Orange Fennel Scallops 


Easter Lamb in Curry sauce with Lemon Roasted Potatoes


Blood Sausage Watercress Apple Spelt Tart 
Bratwurst Filled Mustard Knödel
Pear Potato Cheese Casserole with Ham
Pork Chops Smothered in Pineapple Sauerkraut
Ramp Encrusted Baked Boneless Pork Chops
Savoy Cabbage, Bacon, Apricot Roulade
Spicy Raspberry Spiral Ham


Turkey Cashew Schnitzel in Tarragon Cream Sauce
Turkey Cranberry Gulasch
Turkey Meatballs in Yogurt Sauce Smothered in Melted Gruyere
Turkey Pumpkin Chipotle Nachos
Herbed Potato Horseradish Crusted Turkey Breast Over Zucchini Noodles


Almond Crusted Eggs over a Sage flower Herb Salad
Apple, Leek, Cashew Tart in a Whole Wheat Crust
Arugula Potato Purée Stuffed Zucchini BoatsAsparagus with Creamy Ramp Goat Cheese Sauce
Butternut Squash Sauerkraut Quinoa Cabbage Rolls
Carrot Chervil Cream Cheese Tart
Celery Root Pumpernickel Schnitzel with Creamy Blue Cheese Mustard Sauce
Chanterelle Dill Rösti
Egg Noodles in Ramp Horseradish Cream
German Potato Pancakes with Radish Leaf Pesto
Golden Beet Feta Tarragon Tart in a Whole Wheat Crust
Green & White Asparagus Thyme Tart with Swiss Cheese
Hazelnut Battered Fried Asparagus Spears with Whipped Lemon Parmesan Potatoes
Hazelnut Ramp Knödel
Heirloom Tomato Tart with Whole Wheat Parmesan Crust
Kohlrabi Quinoa, Kale & Walnuts
Lemon Matzoh Knödel with Lemon Pistachio Cream Sauce
Nettle Spätzle Gouda Nests
Parsnip, Carrot, Leek, Horseradish Cream Casserole
Pear Camembert Sage Tart
Pistachio Egg Noodles with Carrot Almond Pesto
Radish Scallion Fritters with Yogurt Dip
Ramp Cherry Tomato Tart with a Parmesan Crust
Ramp Shallot Knoedel
Red Beet Almond Schnitzel
Rutabaga Apple Rösti with Hazelnuts and Emmenthaler
Sage sunflower Pumpkin Seed Stuffed Red Squash
Sauerkraut Apple Potato Casserole
Tomato Gruyére Tart with Shallots and Thyme
Whole Wheat Käsespätzle with Walnuts

Celery Root Pumpernickel Schnitzel with Creamy Blue Cheese Mustard Sauce

Chicken Cornflakes Schnitzel with Apple Sauerkraut
Chicken Pretzel Schnitzel
Everything Chicken Schnitzel with Scallion Cream Cheese Sauce

Red Beet Almond Schnitzel
Schnitzel Casserole in Thyme Mushroom Cream Sauce

Spring Asparagus Salad with Mini Potato Chip Schnitzel
Turkey Cashew Schnitzel in Tarragon Cream Sauce 

Apple Beggar
Apple Rings Fried in Cinnamon Beer Batter
Apricot Sage Whole Wheat Biscuits
Banana Coconut Pepita White Chocolate Granola
Candied Lemon Peels
Coconut Rum Raisin Matzoh Pudding
Colored & Flavored Sugar Cubes
Homemade Herb Sugars
Homemade Matzolah
Jeweled Easter Eggs
Lemon Sumac Whole Wheat Matzoh
Lilac Ginger Ale
Natural Easter Egg Dye
Oatmeal Streusel Stuffed Baked German Apples with Traditional German Vanilla Sauce
Peach and Ground Cherry Galette with Cinnamon Brown Sugar Spelt Crust
Plum Poppy Seed Brown Butter Pirohy
Poached Quince in Cranberry Vanilla Syrup
Pretzel Mummy Munchies for Halloween
Pumpkin Pie Spice Fondant
Red Velvet Fondant
Red Velvet Nutella
Rhubarb Basil Pfannkuchen
Whole Wheat Goat Cheese Kumato, Shaved Asparagus Galette with Caramelized Vidalia Onions


Amy Vanderbilt's Sour Cream Muffins
Banana toasted Anise Seed Muffins with Cacao Nibs 
Butter Rum Muffins with Hot Cocoa Streusel
Fig Date Muffins with Oatmeal Ginger Streusel Topping
Flax Seed Oat Bran Muffins
Easy Cranberry Ricotta Whole Wheat Muffins
Honey Pecan Mini Corn Muffins
Inside Out Pumpkin Muffins
Smoky Chocolate Chip Muffins
Whole Wheat Avocado Banana Sunflower Seed Muffins
Whole Wheat Strawberry Basil Muffins

Bamboo Pasta with Sweet Almond Pesto
Carrot Spätzle in Chive Cream Sauce
Egg Noodles in Ramp Horseradish Cream
Nettle Spätzle Gouda Nests
Pistachio Egg Noodles with Carrot Almond Pesto
Ramp Spätzle in Cream Sauce
Whole Wheat Käsespätzle with Walnuts


Agave Rose Baklava with Pistachio & Macadamia Nuts
Lilac Cashew Baklava


Dark Chocolate Eclairs
Lavender Glazed Mini Eclairs with Lemon Pastry Cream Filling
Pink Easter Bunny Eclairs with Key Lime Curd Filling
Plum Chocolate filled Eclairs with White Chocolate Glaze


Cranberry Currant Rugelach
Pumpkin Pie Rugelach
Sea Buckthorn Pistachio Rugelach

Sticky Rolls

Iced Lemon Sticky Rolls with Lemon Cream Cheese Glaze 
Mint Sticky Rolls with Lemon Glaze
Peanut Butter Cup Sticky Rolls
Rote Grütze Sticky Rolls


Plum Strudel with Cinnamon Glaze
Poppy Seed Rum Raisin Strudel with Cinnamon Glaze
Pumpkin Pecan Butterscotch Strudel
Spinach & Cheese Mini Strudels


Rabbit Shaped Vegetable Strudels
Winter Vegetable Cheese Strudel

Pastries Misc.

Almond Puff Loaf
Apricot "Eggs" in Puff Pastry
Basil Marzipan Sweet Braid
Karneval Mutzen 
Nutella Mini Napoleons
Pistachio Raspberry Horns
Plum Pastries with Spiced Streusel
Plum Roses Marzipan Pastries
Rose Cream Puff Swans
Strawberries & Cream  MOMAlmond Pastries
Streuseltaler (Germany Streusel Pastry)
Tahini Harissa Rugelach
Whirlpool Torte


Carrot Almond Pesto
Sweet Almond Pesto
Cashew Chipotle Pesto
Hazelnut Purple Basil Pesto
Sunflower Seed Pesto


Apple Tart
Blueberry Hand Pies
Boiled Apple Cider Pie
Bourbon Buttermilk Chocolate Pie
Peanut Butter Pie
Pink Banana Squash Chocolate Ginger Tart
Red Pear Pumpkin Marzipan Pie
Rose Hip Meringue Pie in a Ginger Crust
Salted Caramel Peach Crumble Pie
Sauerkraut Bratwurst Cheese Pie
Sea Creature Themed Pies
Sauerkraut Spelt Hand Pies
Sour Cream Date Pie with Spelt Crust
Star Anise Apple Pie with a Duck Fat Crust

Breakfast Pizza
Caramelized Carrot, Fennel, Potato Flammkuchen with Dill Crust
Pizza Rolls
Pumpkin, Goat Cheese Honey flammkuchen with a Rosemary Crust
Rainbow Vegetable Flammkuchen
Red Cabbage Potato Heart Shaped Flammkuchen
Thanksgiving Leftovers Flammkuchen
Whole wheat Buratta Arugula Flower Pizza

Spicy Farfel Stuffed Boneless Chicken 


Silver Screen Popcorn with Golden Stars
Streusel Cherry Chocolate Popcorn


Apple Whipped Cream Dessert
Blushing Girl Whipped Red Currant Dessert
Brandied Plum Pudding
Burnt Almond Cream
Green Grape Wine Pudding
Munich Beer Cream
Rhubarb Curd & Elderberry Cream with Vanilla Bean Shortbread Fingers


Apricot East Egg Scones
Banana English Toffee Scones with Sticky Toffee Glaze
Chili Ginger Buttermilk Scones
Chive Blossom Flax Seed Spelt Scones
Cranberry, Coffee, White Chocolate Chip Scones
Lavender White Chocolate Chip Scones
Lemon Balm Buttermilk Scones with Lemon Chips
Lemon Verbena Buttermilk Scones
Lilac Blueberry Sugar Scones with Lilac Glaze
Pineapple Pistachio Brown Sugar Scones
Pumpkin Date Apricot Kernel Spelt Scones
Raspberry Chocolate Chip Kefir Scones
Red Pepper Smoked Garlic Whole Wheat Scones
Red Wine Currant Scones with Red Wine Glaze
Sage flower Almond Scones
Whole Wheat Candied Ginger Chocolate Chip Scones
Whole Wheat Date Almond Scones with Allspice Glaze
Whole Wheat, Ginger, Chia Seed, Mixed Herb Scones
Whole Wheat Muesli Buttermilk Scones


Cinnamon Rosemary Roasted Potatoes
Coriander Roasted Potatoes
Fine's (Like Crack) Potato Salad
Potato Kugel with Fried Shallots 
Potato Latkes with Chinese 5 Spice
Purple Potato Latkes with Garlic Sumac Sour Cream
Ramp Sunflower Seed Potato Salad
Sauerkraut Apple Potato Casserole
Sauerkraut Speck Chive Stuffed Baked Potatoes with Gouda
Spring Asparagus Salad with Mini Potato Chip Schnitzel
Warm Sour Potatoes with Bacon

Red Cabbage Carrot Salad with Pecans & Vanilla
Spring Asparagus Salad with Mini Potato Chip Schnitzel
Sweet & Sour Carrot Orange Salad
White Asparagus Strawberry Salad


Bavarian Kraut
Carrot Cream Sauerkraut
Creamy Fresh Herb Sauerkraut
Creamy Pumpkin Caraway Sauerkraut
Paradise Kraut

Apfel Compote
Butternut Squash Mash with Caramelized Onions, Candied Sage & Pistachios
Celery Root Latkes with Roasted Garlic Herb Sour Cream
Curry Pumpkin Fries with Black Sesame Garlic Sauce
Juniper Shallots in Red Wine
Pumpkin with Chestnuts & Shallots
White Asparagus with Speck in Orange Chervil Cream Sauce

Brie Leek Soup
Celery Root Soup with Horseradish & Bacon
Cream Cheese buttermilk Leek Soup
Creamy Hazelnut Chicken Noodle Prosecco Soup
Creamy Potato Spring Vegetable Soup with Sunflower Seed Pesto
German Pea Soup with Wurst in Homemade Bread Bowls
Leek Mustard Bacon Soup
Lemon Matzoh Ball Soup with Pistachio Pistou
Mustard Potato Soup
Parsley Root Cream Soup with Gouda Croutons 
Radish Mint Soup
Red Beet Apple Soup with Creamy Toasted Walnut Pesto Hearts
Roasted Brussel Sprouts Garlic Cream Soup
Roasted Pumpkin-Apple Ginger Soup
Rutabaga Pumpkin Cream Soup with Bacon 
Tomato, Pumpkin, Butternut Squash, Turkey Bacon Stew
Tomato Vodka Soup
Turmeric Potato Soup with Rosemary

Anchovy Sauerkraut Potato Tart
Apple, Leek, Cashew Tart in a Whole Wheat Crust
Blood Sausage Watercress Apple Spelt Tart 
Caramelized Leek Lemon Cream Tart in a Spelt Crust
Carrot Chervil Cream Cheese Tart
Chicken Mushroom Prune Tart
Fried Potato Gaouda Sage Tart
Golden Beet Feta Tarragon Tart in a Whole Wheat Crust
Heirloom Tomato Tart with Whole Wheat Parmesan Crust
Pear Camembert Sage Tart
Ramp Cherry Tomato Tart in a Parmesan Crust
Red Cabbage Pear Gouda Tart
Red Onion, Goat Cheese, Whole Wheat Anise Tart
Tomato Gruyére Tart with Shallots and Thyme


Anjou Pear Vanilla Bean Custard Tart with Allspice Crust
Apple Pecan Tarts in an Apple Shaped Cinnamon Crust (Minis)
Apricot Curd Tart with Candied Lime Basil
Apricot flower Tartlets
Brandied Apricot-Ginger Marzipan Tart
Caramelized Walnut Tartlets
Chocolate Espresso Tart in a Thyme Crust
Concord Grape Salted Caramel Tart
Fresh Fig Rosemary Hazelnut Puff Pastry Tart
Golden Kiwi Vanilla Bean Custard Tartlets With Chocolate Crusts
German Plum Tart
Mirabelle Plum Curd Tartlets with Nutty Crust
Nectarine honey Lavender Tart
Rhubarb Almond Marzipan Tart
Sour Cherry Mint Streusel Tart
Strawberry Rhubarb Hazelnut Streusel Tart
Vanilla Bean Paste Sea Buckthorn Torte with Brown Sugar Crust

Apple Dream Torte
Berry Blitz Torte
Cherry White Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte
Coconut Vanilla Sugar Espresso Meringue Torte with Hazelnut Vanilla Caramel Sauce
Cranberry Linzer Torte
German Ham Onion Torte
Golden Honeydew Melon Torte
Lemon Lime Yogurt Torte
New Year's Eve Countdown Clock Torte
Red Cabbage Pumpkin Torte
Red Gooseberry Almond Cream Torte
Sekt Torte
Sour Cherry Chocolate Hazelnut Torte
Sour Cherry Poppy Seed Cream Torte
Strawberry Basil Heart Torte
Stracciatella Blackberry Torte
Yogurt Lemon Balm Torte