Friday, April 13, 2018

Almond Puff Loaf - King Arthur Flour's April Bakealong Challenge

Snow day plus a new recipe from King Arthur Flour's Bakealong challenge pair perfectly. Recently I found myself stranded at our place in the country for an extra day courtesy of a surprise April snow storm. The new recipe popped up so I hopped into the kitchen to get to work  

Yes, this Almond Loaf Puff pastry looks like it might be scary and complicated to create. No, it's not at all. I was really surprised at how easy it went.  

Also, you probably have everything you need right now in your kitchen cabinets to make this and it comes together in no time at all. 

The recipe recommends apricot jam because the flavor pairs well with the almond flavors,  but it also says to use your favorite. 

I went for the trifecta in the jam department only because I used this recipe as an excuse to use up various almost empty jars in my fridge. Each loaf was coated in sections of apricot, strawberry and blueberry jam. 

I may  have slathered on more jam than the recipe required but I was determined to empty those jars. 

I absolutely love the almond flavor of this pastry and I found it went well with all the jam flavors I used. 

This is a perfect brunch recipe. The recipe makes two loaves, that's a lot of pastry. Good thing you can freeze it.

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