Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Six Strand Braid Challah - January's King Arthur Flour's Bakelaong Challenge

I've only made challah a few times so I was excited when I saw this month's King Arthur Flour's Bakealong Challenge. They've done it again with this great recipe.

The site offers plenty of tips for making the Challah and creating the 6 strand braid. Here's my tip - don't try to braid the challah when you have a bad cold. 

When I got to the braiding step, what should have taken only a few minutes took about 30. I was so light headed from being sick, I just couldn't catch the rhythm of shaping the braid. I kept messing up and having to start over. Probably not the best thing to handle the dough for that long. 

However, stubborn is my middle name so I was determined to make that 6 braid design happen. It did - sort of. However, the recipe is a winner. and my challah result did look pretty even if it was a bit wonky on one end. 

I also think my loaf ending up being too long and thin. It should have been shorter and squatter. Whatever, just an excuse for a do-over. in the near future. 

This is a lovely, tasty recipe and a great way to start making Challah for first-timers. Beware the rise times are long, so start early. If you are interested in learning to make bread, this is a perfect recipe to add to your arsenal. 

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