Friday, March 17, 2017

Four Leaf Clover Butterflake Herb Rolls - March's King Arthur Flour Bakealong

The people at King Arthur Flour posted another winner recipe for this month's bakealong.  

The basic recipe is for a pull apart bread loaf which looks perfect. However, those clever folks added several variations including a clover shaped roll version which I turned into a lucky four leaf clover version in honor of St. Patrick's Day. 

There is a significant rise time for this recipe, almost tow hours in total. However, all the other steps are very easy and the result is a juicy bread bursting with different flavors. 

Basically, you made a bread and then season butter with a combination of fresh and fried herb, garlic and seeds. This part you can be the master of by substituting your favorite ingredient combination or take as a good excuse to use up what you have laying around or in your fridge. 

After the bread dough is ready, I shaped four small balls and placed them in a muffin tin, poured the melted seasoned butter over the top. I left them for another half hour to rise up a bit and then baked them to golden perfection.

If you don't want the rolls to be saturated with butter, use half of the mixture and serve the other half, unmelted with the rolls for guests to add at their own discretion.

These are a perfect addition to a St. Paddy's themed meal but also a perfect workhorse roll for dinner parties. They pair perfectly with salads and with practically any meal you can think of. 

You can find the recipe with their fabulous step by step walk through here. Scroll down to view the different presentation variations of the recipe including the clover rolls.

Happy St. Patrick's Day for all those who celebrate!

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