Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Visit to Dubai's Spice Market

To get to Port Sudan for our recent dive trip, we flew from Dusseldorf and had a short stopover each way in Dubai.

Upon arriving, the line at immigration was so long we did not get into our hotel room until midnight and had a very early flight out the next day to Port Sudan . Unfortunatly,  there was no chance of an evening of exploring or even a dinner out.

On the way back I had a few hours before our flight back to Dusseldorf to visit the city. There is so much to see there, I had to narrow it down to one stop. Of course, I chose the spice market.

At the risk of being overwhelmed with the choices. and factoring in my time constraints (less than two hours of shopping max), I picked one stall and just focused in on what they had to offer.

The selection of everything from teas, oils, spices and incense was vast and exciting. 

Preserved lemons and exotic dried fruits.

From fresh cardamom pods, almond stuffed, chocolate covered dates, The vendors are generous with letting you smell and taste and touch.

The market did have its share of tacky tourist crap on offer as well.

I was particularly fascinated with the piles and blocks  of fresh incense. 

Frankincense was a popular choice.

To to with newly purchased incense, there was no shortage of incense burner styles to choose from.

After purchasing dried blue jasmine, Arabian curry powder and some fresh dates, I took a quick tour around the area.

So many other things I wish I had room in my suitcase for.

After a few more reasonably small sized purchases. I headed out of the market to catch a taxi back to the hotel and ran into a pack of Chinese tourists with selfie sticks. 

Back at the hotel we had time for one last cup of tea before heading out to the airport.

The airport itself is a world famous duty-free shopping stop. I've heard you can even buy cars there.

I believe the ladies room was designed especially for me.



Dubai. I'm putting you on notice. I will be back.

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