Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's French Macaron Round Up

Since Macaron Mondays have been put on hold indefinitely, I have not made french macarons in a long time. Since last June as a matter of fact.  However, nothing is forever, not even my macaron making drought. 

The egg whites keep piling up in my freezer which recently has me thinking about piping shells and making fillings. I have been reorganizing my French macaron flavor idea list and prepping for a hopefully not too far in the future MacMaking marathon.

Until then, in honor of upcoming Valentines day, here is a round up of  heart shaped and Valentine's themed French Macaron posts and recipes to tide us over until new French macaron flavors make their way out of my kitchen on their own feet.

Lots of fun flavors and ideas here. I hope you will find some inspiration. Click on the titles below to get the full recipe and instructions. 

This Valentine's French macarons take a bit more work than making round or heart shaped version but the result is worth it. The macarons are shaped into squares and rectangles. To complete the look, package them in  a left over Valentine's themes or heart shaped box. I used leftover pink buttercream, chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache to fill the shells.

These ocean colored creation were my first attempt at making heart shaped French macarons. The chocolate ganache filling includes Godiva chocolate liqueur. The post includes a funny poem I wrote about meeting my husband while scuba diving and our subsequent romance.

These vibrant red French macarons contain an unusual flavor from my arsenal of LorAnn flavors oils. Just a few drops of red licorice flavor oil transform these French macarons into fun red Twizzler flavored treats. 

I was and still am a bit challenged in piping heart shaped French Macarons. Consequently these are not perfect but they were pretty enough. I tinted  the batter three different shades of pink. Even though they were not my dream of perfect heart shaped macarons, the raspberry vanilla buttercream filling made up for looks in taste. 

Red Velvet Valentine's Mini French Macarons with Chocolate Liqueur Ganache Filling

The addition of red velvet flavored bakery emulsion to the shells of these mini French macarons makes them Valentine's Day ready. I used the chocolate liquor spiked chocolate ganache as filling. The perfect pairing for both the macaron and the heart holiday.

For more French macaron recipes, check out the French Macarons section of  this blog. 

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  1. Quit an impressive round up. I'm partial to the red Twizzler flavoured ones :)


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