Monday, February 8, 2016

Rose Petal Springerle Cookies

These dried rose petal cookies are a reinvention of the traditional Christmas German Springerle into a beautiful, sparkly Valentine's Day version. Treats that also make beautiful Easter, mother's day or birthday gifts.

I made painted springerle before my 2015 Christmas time trip to Germany. Ever since then, I've been wanting to experiment with the recipe and not wait until next year's holiday season to do so. Cue Valentine's Day.

Many of the Christmas markets  I visited had stands that sold beautiful handmade springerle molds which further inspired me not to wait another year to make springerle. I did buy a few new molds at the markets. 

However, unlike cookie cutters where one can easily amass 1,000s of them for very little money, each of these molds are handmade and can be very expensive to acquire a collection. Good quality molds can run $15 - $40 each. The price can go even higher for more complicated designs. 

I was especially drawn to the rose shaped ones. So the real revelation of this recipe is not only adding crushed dried rose petals to the batter, it is what I used for the molds. 

These springerle rose shapes were created in a simple, inexpensive silicon rose shaped mini cake mold ($1 at the Dollar Store). A fantastic alternative to investing in expensive molds.

The recipe contains rose water and crushed rose petals in the springerle dough and omits anise seed I used in my last recipe. Instead, I used the traditional method of sprinkling the anise seeds on the baking sheet, laying the unbaked springerle on top, then gently pressing them into the seeds before baking. The rose, toasted anise flavor is outstanding.

Although the crushed dried rose petals make them look pretty on their own, you know I was not going to let these go without some sparkle.  For an extra decorative touch, I brushed pink hologram disco dust on the cookies once they had cooled.

The recipe is extremely easy to make but be aware, the dough has to chill in the refrigerator for 4 hours. Also note, once the molded cookies are placed on the baking sheet, they have to dry overnight for another 24 hours.

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