Monday, December 28, 2015

German Lucky Pig Breads with Plum Jam Filling

Over in our part of Europe, after Christmas edible lucky pigs are everywhere. Pig shaped breads, chocolates, cakes, and marzipan clutter the markets and bakery windows. Pigs in non edible forms such as statues, piggy banks, paper napkins and decorative table accessories are also on display.

For centuries in Germany and Austria and other parts of Europe, possessing a large amount of pigs was a sign of wealth.

Last year I was not in Germany for New Year's. Marzipan pigs are hard to find in the USA so I made my own

If you are planning your New Year's holiday menu, consider adding traditional lucky pigs to the list. 

This year I'm continuing the tradition by creating these pig shaped breads, a fun addition to any new year's party or dinner. Kids will love them as well.

I filled these breads with plum jam but you can use any flavor you wish. Now might be a good time to use up that odd jar of jam or marmalade that's been hanging out in your pantry. 

I used the following sized round cookie cutters to create the shapes to make the pigs: 4 inch round, 1+1/2 inch round and a 1/2 inch round. The triangle ears I cut free hand with a small sharp knife.

The full recipe and instructions are over at my German Food Page at Hop on over there to get them. 

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