Friday, September 25, 2015

Mini Apple Pecan Tarts in a Cinnamon Crust

My Fall denial is waning. I'm officially embracing the season. The proof is in this recipe I whipped up last weekend. 

In creating these German mini apple tarts, it wasn't enough to make them small and cute. I went overboard and made them apple shaped. Bring on the Fall.

These tarts are roughly four inches in diameter. Of the thousands of cookie cutters I have stashed in undisclosed locations, I could not seem to locate my large apple shaped one. I improvised by using the bottom of a small round spring form pan to cut circles out of the dough and then shaped them into apples with my fingers. 

Of course, these are just as delicious if you skip creating the apple shapes and bake them in mini tart pans.

The tart filling is a thin layer of a sweet crème fraîche mixture. Adding ground cinnamon to the crust amps up the flavor. The apples are the star of this tart, not the filling. MacIntosh variety were just the right size to fit in the tart but any type will do. 

I used raw chopped pecans to scatter over the tops of the tarts. Feel free to swap them out for your favorites kind.

For the full recipe and instructions, hop on over to my German Food Page at

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