Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day Baking Ideas

Time to honor mom and those who are moms. Not that you shouldn't all year long. However, for those baking or crafty inclined, it's lovely to create a special mom themed treat to say thanks.

For inspiration, here are some pretty and fun Mother's Day treats of this blog's past. From lilac vanilla cookies cookies to pink lemonade embossed marshmallows to fondant flowered letter cakes, It's all about MOM. Click the picture to go to the post for the full recipe and instructions.

For these Mother's Day Message cookies, I made up a batch of cream cheese flavored rollout cookies, colored the dough in pastels, then used this fabulous message cookie cutter to stamp out Mother's Day messages to moms in the center of the cookies. 

The message options are endless. You can use your mom's name or write as long a message as you can fit on the cookie.

The shapes and colors are also flexible. Use your mom's favorite color or another shape to custom the cookies to her personality, career or favorite object.

These embossed marshmallows were an experiment. I flavored the homemade marshmallows using a Duncan Hines frosting flavor packet and then spread the marshmallow batter out on fondant molds to dry, hoping they would pick up the pattern of the mold. 

For the most part it worked. I them used letter cutters to get the MOM shapes.

These lemon sugar flavored MOM mini cakes were fun to make. You can use any flavor (mom's favorite!) combination of cake and frosting flavors. Make the cake in a brownie pan and use large letter cutters to get the shapes. 

After frosting, you can decorate them any way you like. The simplest way is to shake some sugar glitter on top.  I used tiny flower cutter and homemade marshmallow fondant to create flowers and accented each with a candy pearl.

These lilac vanilla rollout cookies were loving make by harvesting the lilacs in my garden and adding the blossoms and homemade lilac syrup to the cookie batter. 

I used a large square cookie cutter with a pretty edge  to create a cookie "canvas". For the MOM letters I made some royal icing transfers. After outline and flooding the cookies,  I hand iced the lilacs onto the cookies.

So that's a wrap. Wising all the mothers out there a wonderful, sweet day tomorrow!

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