Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rhubarb Date Ginger Chutney

I've been back in the States less than a week after a month in Europe and I am still grumbling about the rhubarb. Or the lack of it. It's most frustrating being back with all these wonderful rhubarb recipe ideas with no place here on the East Coast to find rhubarb. It's everywhere in Germany along with fresh ramps and kholrabi.

So after three plus supermarkets, I was finally able to score two measly already trimmed and cut rhubarb stalks. The last two or the only two they had. Regardless, I forged ahead. 

On my list was to make a rhubarb chutney to have on hand to serve to guests with cheese and crackers. 

This flavorful, versatile chutney with dates, golden raisin and fresh ginger is also perfect on toasted bread, bagels or rolls paired with cream cheese. The chutney can be stirred into greek yogurt or spooned on top of meat or poultry.

This post is short because I have to leave and go find more rhubarb.

For the full recipe and instructions, hops on over to my German food Page at

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