Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day Baked Treats

It's the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day. And where are we with this whole save the environment thing? Precariously perched on destruction. It scares me as an international consciousness level, we have not learned to tread more lightly on this planet. 

The global water crisis is coming in for a landing in California. The gargantuan garbage in the ocean has now seeped into our food supply. The last male Northern White rhino needs 24 hours guards just to survive. The only creature that needs a rhino horn is a rhino. The only creature that needs an elephant tusk is an elephant. Really.

Only humans can stop this. It's hard to get people's attention about doing the right thing for the environment. Less plastic in the oceans and landfills. More planting every spring. 

Much easier to get people's attention with baked goods. 

Sad truth.

So here are some creations I've made for past Earth Day posts. Click the caption for the link to the post with the recipe.

Chocolate Tree Bark Candy with Royal Icing Flowers 

Love the Earth Cake Pops

Daffodil Flavored French Macarons

Banana Spelt Ginger Cupcakes

Do something nice for the earth today. Plant a tree. Start recycling. Start a kitchen herb garden. Pay it forward. Happy Earth Day!

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