Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Patriotic Easter Egg Cookies for Operation Cookie Takeover

Over the next few days over 8,000 homemade cookies will be shipped to military personal overseas through Operation Cookie Takeover. I am proud to say these patriotic Easter egg cookies I made will be among them.

Operation Cookie Takeover mobilizes bloggers and non bloggers several times a year to pledge and create a voluntary dozens amount of cookies and then organized a window of a few days where we all ship out our cookies so they are received all in the same time frame.

We are all assigned a specific soldier to send our cookies to. This round of three dozen cookies are going to a marine. You can volunteer to send cookies. Please be aware the cookies do not have to be super duper fancy and you do not have to be a cookie artist to participate (I’m so not.)

Also, OCT gives explicit flat rate shipping instructions so the cookies are not expensive to send. Any homemade cookie of your choice will do. You can volunteer here . To put a recipient on the list, go here.

I love to think of thousands of cookies flying over the ocean on their way to being a sweet treat to so many soldiers. A little something from home to brighten their day.

Since it’s so close to Easter, I am sure many of us volunteers went with that theme. For these cookies I used a large egg cutter to cut a dozen and a half shapes each out of both chocolate and vanilla rollout cookie dough. A double batch of royal icing was dividing into three portions. Two were tinted blue and red respectively.

Using a #2 tip, half the cookie was outlined and filled in with the blue icing. Then the red and white  colors were alternated, creating little strips, outlining and filling to form the stripes. A star tip was used to create the red outline.

White homemade marshmallow fondant was rolled out and cut with a small fondant star shaped cutter. I then painted the stars with white luster dust before adhering them to the cookies.

These were mailed out today. Please think about signing up for the next round. Spread the cookie love. It’s a great way to say thank you to our troops.

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