Friday, March 6, 2015

Low Sugar Chocolate Pretzel Cookies

Like most German desserts and cookies, these Schokoladen Brezeln or chocolate pretzels contain little sugar in the dough. 

To make them sweeter, you can cover these pretzel cookies with chocolate glaze.  In the pictures in this post have no glaze added. I like to make them both ways. Sometime I glaze only half of them. Regardless, I like to add large crystal sparkle sugar to both versions to make them look like salted pretzels. I used gold colored decorations for this batch.
One of the features I like best about this recipe is the consistency of the dough which makes shaping them into pretzel forms extremely easy. There's no cracking or crumbling when you are rolling them out into long ropes. 

I shaped the dough into fairly large sized cookies yielding one dozen cookies. If you want, you can make the cookies smaller for a higher cookie count.

For the recipe for these chocolate pretzel cookies plus the chocolate glaze recipe, hop on over to my German Food Page on

I also created a tutorial on how to form cookie dough into pretzel shapes. You can find it here.

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