Friday, March 20, 2015

German Ham & Onion Torte

This recipe is from the Thüringin region of Germany and is a great addition to any Easter meal. I like the flexibility of this recipe which can be served for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Thüringin or Thuringia is one of the 16 German states located in the central east part of the country. It is know for it's lush forest area and beautiful mountain range and is nicknamed "The Green Heart of Germany". Thüringin is a popular vacation destination for Germans with lots of outdoor activities to explore.

This quiche-like cake has a yeasted crust that is well worth the rise time wait. It adds heft and stability to the finished product. The main ingredients for the topping are ham and onions, however, this can be easily switched up by adding peppers or any other vegetable you like chopped into small pieces.

The recipe calls for speck or thick cut ham is preferred but bacon can be substituted as well. Turkey bacon or sausage is a good option if you want to avoid pork. You can also switch out the flour for the crust to whole wheat or spelt variety.
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