Friday, March 27, 2015

Cinnamon Apple Rings Fried in Beer Batter

Got beer? Got Apples? This German treat also works as a terrific brunch alternative to French toast, replacing the bread with the battered, fried apples. You can pretend it's healthier.

For the batter, I used weiss beer or wheat beer, a light herbal beer variety I believe works best for this recipe. However, you are welcome to experiment with a darker variety if that's all you have on hand. 

For decoration and flavor, I recommend serving this dessert with homemade whipped cream but that's optional. An alternative to whipped cream would be to serve some plain or vanilla flavored yogurt on the side.

Almost any variety of apple works for this recipe, just make sure the apples are crisp. Mushy apples would be harder to work with.

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