Friday, February 20, 2015

Fabulous & Fun Treats For Your Oscar Party Dessert Table

Sunday will bring Hollywood's biggest night of the year. With the exception of the nominees we will all be filling out our homemade ballots of the ones in our heads and settling in for a long Winter's awards show.

If you are hosting or attending an Oscar viewing party, here is some inspiration for what to make or bring for the dessert table -all the Oscar/Hollywood/Academy Award  treats I have made and presented on this space.

If you are going to swanky party where people dress fancy, for something especially elegant, try these swan shaped cream puffs

I used rose flavored pastry cream to fill them and garnished them with candied rose petals and silver disco dust. However, you can use any flavor pastry cream. I recommend Champagne flavor as an alternative

For a glamorous twist on popcorn., here is Silver Screen Sugar Popcorn with Golden Stars

I made a sugared version of popcorn, sprayed it silver with edible color mist and garnished it with homemade marshmallow fondant stars, sprayed gold with edible color mist. As a final touch, shake silver sprinkles over the top before serving.

To commemorate walking the most famous red carpet in Hollywood history, I created these glittering Red Carpet Cookie Sticks.

These are extremely easy to prepare, just use your favorite rollout cookie recipe, or the store bought version, cut out strips using a ruler, outline and fill with red royal icing and glitter them with red sugar crystals.

If you want to put a little more work in, you can recreate the Hollywood Walk of Fame Cookies.

Outline and fill with grey colored royal icing, sprinkle with large whit sugar crystals. Then Cut out large pink tinted fondant stars with a cookie cutter. I brushed the edges of the stars with edible gold and used a food marker to write in the names. I used famous names but I think it would be fun to use the names of your guests coming to your Oscar viewing party.

These Academy Award Statue Cupcakes bring the Oscar gold to your party's dessert table.

Bake your favorite flavor cupcakes. Top with red tinted buttercream. For the statues, I made an Oscar statue shape out of cardboard and used it to trace over yellow colored fondant. Then I painted the fondant oscar statue shapes with edible gold. As an added glitzy touch, bake them in metallic gold cupcake papers

I am a softie for this last treat. Buttered Popcorn Flavored Marshmallows.

Buttered popcorn flavor was added to homemade marshmallow batter. After cutting out the squares, I dusted the finished marshmallows with gold disco dust representing a bit of Hollywood magic.

So there you have it, my nominations for your Oscar Party dessert table! Happy watching and you all know we'll still be talking about the wins, the snubs, the drama and the dresses on Monday.


  1. So very creative, especially the butter popcorn flavored marshmallows, wow! Enjoy the Oscars!!

  2. Will you come to my place on Sunday night and bring all your wonderful Oscar Night Party Treats?! A wonderful round-up of your creative desserts, etc. Definitely a two-thumbs up :) Hope you are doing well, been ages since I last visited. Will try not to stay away so long.


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