Friday, January 16, 2015

Nuss Knusperchen - Dried Fruit & Nut White Chocolate Clusters

I can't remember a time in Germany where these don't exist. These treats were everywhere I went, in stores, at work. I was so excited to have the opportunity to make them myself.

Nuss knusperchen (loosely translated to "crisp nut") are found in the cookie aisle of every supermarket in Germany. The most common type are made with dark and milk chocolate but I like this white chocolate variety. A cross between a cookie and a candy, these treats are especially popular at Christmas. 

Cornflakes, dried fruits and chopped nuts are folded into melted white chocolate, formed into cookie portions and then left to dry on baking sheets.

What I like about them is the endless variety one can create with the recipe just by switching up the types of dried fruits and nuts in the recipe. You can use seasonal ingredients. for example, raisins and walnuts for Fall or use dried cherries, cranberries and almonds for a Valentine's day version.

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