Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Green Apple Mini Mashmallows

I don't know where I got the idea to make marshmallows out of this flavor but now I know I need Green Apple flavored marshmallows in my life. These taste fantastic.  Period.

This flavor was in the last batch of LorAnn flavor oils I bought.  As far back as I can remember I've always enjoyed a good tart Granny Smith apple, so my mouth watered when I saw this flavor in oil form.

For the this batch of homemade marshmallows, I used Alton Brown's excellent and easy recipe. In the last minute of whipping I added several drops of the Green Apple flavored oil and some green paste food coloring.

Instead of piping out the mini's I used a mini apple shaped cookie cutter to cut the marshmallows from the poured large slab.  

I saved the scraps to make a batch Green Apple marshmallow fondant. Win Win.

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