Friday, January 30, 2015

German Magenbrot with Rum Coffee Glaze

Magenbrot is a southern Germany specialty also found in Switzerland. Literally translated from German to "Stomach bread" in English. The spices in this flavorful biscuit are believed to improve digestion. Magenbrot is found mostly at Christmas time in Germany but many people like to make and eat it year round.

The glaze in the recipe below contains dark rum. if you would like no alcohol in the cake or are worried about serving it to children, you can replace the two teaspoons of dark rum in the glaze recipe with two teaspoons of water. Alternatively with one teaspoon of rum extract and one teaspoon of water.
The recipe below requires the dough a one hour stay in the fridge. However, Some like to rest the dough overnight to let the dough settle completely. Your choice.

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