Friday, November 28, 2014

Munich Beer Cream

Here I am the day after Thanksgiving waiving an Oktoberfest style treat in your face. Late to the party much?

Called Münchener Biercreme in German, this unusual pudding-like dessert is flavored with a mild dark beer. The dessert itself contains no cream or milk, just gelatin to give it a pudding like consistency. However the addition of sweet whipped cream as a garnish on top, takes the flavor of the dessert to a whole new level. 

I used a "dunkel" or dark German beer for this recipe but you can experiment with other types of brews. Using a weissbier or a lighter colored and flavored beer would probably create a lighter flavored pudding. I am sure there are some non traditional, unusual flavored beers out on the market that would be fun to experiment with using this recipe. I've seen peach, coconut and creme brulee versions.
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