Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Brandied Plum Pudding

This dessert, called "Cognac Pflaumenpudding" in German is more like a boozy jello mold. However, the flavor is much bolder than a traditional jello dessert.

Pulverized canned plums provide intense flavor. I substituted fresh ones, simmering them in water and sugar first, creating a plum syrup to add to the recipe.

To spike the dessert, I used Sliwowitz brand plum brandy (popular in central and Eastern Europe) which is made from Damson plums. You can also substitute cherry brandy. The spices can be swapped out as well. I added ground cinnamon to this version but you can try allspice or a combination of clove or nutmeg powder.
A whipped cream border was piped around the edges for presentation. It turns out the dessert is even more delicious with an added dollop of hipped cream.

Brandied plum pudding has deep spicy flavor and is a perfect Thanksgiving make ahead dessert. A small slice of sweet but not heavy is definitely enjoyable after a big rich meal. 

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