Monday, October 27, 2014

Macaron Monday: Flashback to Pierced Tongue Halloween French Macarons

For Today's Macaron Monday, I'm reaching back to last year's Halloween inspiration with these freaky and fun pierced tongue French macarons.

To create them, I tinted the shells black with paste food coloring and colored the vanilla buttercream filling red. Homemade marshmallow fondant was shaped to create the tongues which were then accented with a silver dragee to simulate a piercing.

For all the recipes and instructions. Click over to the original post. They take some time to create but the reactions are worth it. If I were to do them over again, I would add a dab of licorice flavor to the shells.


  1. These would be frightfully delicious on the Halloween table. Catherine

  2. These are just as gross and as freakish as they were last year:) So worth re-posting!


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