Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Leaf Shaped Treats for Fall

The leaves are a falling. The fall colors are spectacular and I am once again obsessed with my collection of leaf-shaped cookie cutters. My collection includes many different sizes and shapes. 

Using oak, maple or aspen shapes, here are some fun ways to add fall fun and fantastic flavor to your harvest table.

Colorful Fall Leaves Sugar Cookies
Tinting sugar cookie dough fall colors, mix together and add some sugar sparkle before baking.

Pecan Pesto Hummus with Leaf Shaped Pitas

This luscious, nutty hummus is served with whole wheat pitas cut into leaf shapes.

Pumpkin, Date, Apricot Seed Spelt Scones
You can replace the hard to find apricot seeds with almonds in these lovely autumn scones.

Leaf Shaped All Spice Meringue Cookies
I had a hard time piping inside the lines with these. However, the flavor was fabulous.

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  1. Beautiful cookies to enjoy for the fall holidays. Blessings, Catherine


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