Friday, October 3, 2014

German Honey Cake (Honigkuchen)

Sometimes delicious things dovetail together. For example.

I was working on a recipe for German Honey Cake for my German Food Page over at and was lamenting the lack of candied fruit in my cabinets and in the local supermarkets. 

Enter Paradise Candied Fruit Company, who coincidentally contacted me a few days later and asked me if I would like to try their product. Wow. perfect timing. Problem Solved.

When these gorgeous, tasty fruit jewels arrived, I was excited to use them in my recipe. They were just what it needed. They taste great, work well in baking and can be used to beautifully decorate any dessert.
Sometimes called "lebkuchen", this dense and spicy honey cake is mostly made at Christmas time in Germany. However, it is also the perfect cake to make for the Jewish holidays. For this recipe I used the cherry pineapple mix.

A big thank you to Paradise Candied Fruit Company for the lovely product. For the German Honey Cake recipe hop on over to my German Food Page at


  1. This does look good and moist. Love that there is cinnamon (yum) clove and cardamom in this. The flavour of it must be just wonderful.

  2. A wonderful cake for the holidays. ~ Catherine

  3. I have always wanted to try this cake. It looks so moist and luscious. My husband is Dutch and they have a cake that is similar.


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