Friday, October 24, 2014

Blushing Girl Dessert - Whipped Red Currant

I'm taking a break today from seasonal black and orange to bring you the pink today. 

This light and fluffy dessert recipe has a charming name, "Errötendes Mädchen" in German, meaning blushing girl. The hint of pink color in the dessert created by adding red currant jelly is what gives this whipped treat it's moniker.

Raw egg whites combined with powdered sugar and red currant jelly and are whipped for a good amount of time until fluffy. Unflavored gelatin is then added to give the dessert it's heft.
Although Blushing Girl is traditionally made with red currant jelly, Strawberry or rose flavored jam or jelly would also work just as well as a substitute to give this fluffy dessert it's "blush" as well as adding a lovely flavor twist.

Warning: If you are squeamish about consuming raw egg whites, perhaps this recipe is not for you. To air on the safe side, use pasteurized (heated to a certain temperature to kill bacteria) egg whites. These have been treated to eradicate a possible salmonella and other bacterial contamination. Salmonella can cause serious health problems in the elderly or infants.
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  1. I do love this sweet, cool treat and I'll be the variations are endless... I am thinking of so many jam flavors that could replace the traditional. But pink is so pretty.

  2. Sounds delightful and I love the color! Catherine


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