Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Peppar Vodka Tomato Water Martini

Photo By: Jackie Gordon

Since I first heard the recipe idea for this drink, I could not get it out of my head. I even collected the Peppar vodka and celery salt in preparation I would one day dazzle my guests with this fabulous sounding cocktail.

Williams-Sonoma recently contacted me after spotting my Bloody Mary Inspired French Macarons on the interwebs. They were looking to highlight different versions of the traditional Bloody Mary cocktail using juiced tomatoes.

Bloody Mary French Macarons: Horseradish Shells with Tomato Tabasco Jam Filling

At first I hesitated because I do not have a juicer, later realizing my husband has one at our place in Pennsylvania. Duh. My first world problem of having three kitchens can make appliance ID and location confusing. However, my juicer denial brought me to the better idea. Chef Guttenbrunner's tomato water cocktail.

Bloody Mary French Macarons: Horseradish Shells with Tomato Tabasco Jam Filling
It all  started way back in June when Ms.  Jackie Gordon, The Singing Chef and The Diva That Ate New York invited me to a cooking demonstration by Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner of Walse and Blau Ganse restaurants. Sponsored by Gerolsteiner, we spent a fabulous evening eating a fantastic Austrian meal cooked by this talented and entertaining chef.

One of his dishes contained what he called tomato water. As Chef Gutenbrunner demonstrated how to make it, he tossed out the ingredients for a vodka martini he created using the tomato water, Peppar Vodka and celery salt. That definitely had my attention. I jotted down the idea and tucked it away for the future.

Fast forward to Labor Day weekend 2014. I invited a few foodie friends out to our Pennsylvania house to cook and have fun. Deborah Mitchell and Vicki Winters were there as well as some of my local food loving friends. Cook and have fun we did. We laughed like hyenas, prepared and consumed delectable dishes all weekend. At one point, I found myself in the kitchen with Jackie surrounded by a plethora of very ripe, juicy heirloom tomatoes and mentioned Chef Gutenbrunner's cocktail recipe.

Then it was on. 

Jackie quickly chopped up some of the tomatoes. I rummaged through my cabinets to find cheesecloth. The tomatoes were thrown in the food processor and then placed on the cheesecloth strung over a bowl. The juice that collected in the bowl is Tomato Water.

The Peppar Vodka was pulled out of the freezer, martini glasses were rimmed with celery salt, just as the chef had instructed, and the fresh tomato water was mixed with the vodka. 

Full confession. Even though I adore tomatoes in many forms, I have no love for conventional Bloody Marys nor tomato juice in general. However, spicy flavored vodka cut with the bright taste of the fresh tomato water did not disappoint. So much better than using bottled or canned tomato juice. Celery salt was the perfect touch to accent the overall flavor of the cocktail. I am pretty sure I downed two of them all by my lonesome because Jackie was the only one who had the sober sense to take lovely shots of the finished martini.

Peppar Vodka Tomato Water Martini
Photo By: Jackie Gordon
  • Two parts cold Tomato water (see how to make it above) 
  • One part chilled Absolute Peppar Vodka or any pepper flavored vodka.
  • Celery salt to rim the glass
  • Pour a small amount of water into a flat dish
  • Pour the celery salt into another flat dish
  • Dip the rims of the martini glasses in the water then into the celery salt to coat them.
  • In a cocktail shaker mix the tomato water and Peppar Vodka together.
  • Pour into the celery salt rimmed glasses and serve. 


  1. The macaroos and the Bloody Mary both look wonderful. Catheirne

  2. Such fun ladies! We sure ate and drank well over the Labor Day Weekend. So when is the next foodie party? :)


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