Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sunken Sour Cherry Cake

This German specialty cake (versunkener saurkirschkuchen) was created as one of my post for my new role as the German Food Expert over at

I was flattered and excited when they asked me to join as a contributor, and admittedly, a bit nervous. Good nervous. Although I know a great deal more than the average American about German food, having lived in Germany for umpteen years, the word "expert" had no culinary training me a bit on edge.

However, these past weeks I have been revisiting my mother in law's fantastic recipes, my own favorite German foods and diving into my collection of vintage German cookbooks. It's been wonderful and fun speaking a whole other culinary language and makes me miss Germany so. Once again, I realize what a wonderful, rich experience being an expat is. 

In the ueber fast pace of NYC life, many times I long for Kaffee Kuchenzeit at home with family or spent in a cafe with girlfriends lingering over steaming cups of milchkaffee and delving into delicious German desserts.

As I have stated repeatedly on this blog, German desserts contain significantly less sugar than American ones.  This cake also has almond slivers and shaved chocolate in the batter. I topped it with simple whipped cream and the result is a lovely, filling, sweet-sour flavor.

The entire site has been revamped so please hop over and check out my recipe for this delicious cake as well as their nifty new design. 

Sour cherries are in season now at your local market. I used ones already in a jar from a local German specialty store in NYC. However, now is the time to buy and preserve them. You can top this cake with anything you like, streusel, glaze, etc. The minute it came out of the oven. my husband insisted I put whipped cream on it. Who am I to ignore his suggestion? He is German, after all.

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