Thursday, July 3, 2014

Operation Cookie Takeover: Red, White & Blue Star Sugar Cookies

A few weeks ago, for the third time in a row, I joined hundreds of other bakers in sending cookies of US troop stationed in Afghanistan with Operation Cookie TakeoverOver 13,000 cookies in total were sent to the soldiers. 

Mosaic made from all the cookies that were sent in this last shipment.
Mine are second row right, first picture.
In the past I've created and sent military themed MRE and camouflage decorated sugar cookies. This year I went with good old red, white and blue and a star theme, sending sweet thanks to the soldiers for their service.

To start with I made a double batch of my favorite sugar cookie dough but you can use store bought to save time. I divided the dough into three equal parts and using paste food coloring, one was tinted royal blue and one red. The third portion I left natural.

After rolling out the dough, I used three different sized star cutters to create the shapes and stacked the different colors on top of each other  starting with the largest on the bottom, the medium sized one on top of that and the smallest size last on top.

The star cookies were baked at 350 degree F for about 8 minutes. Under baking is better than over baking them for two reasons.  First, they will hold their chewiness longer (good for the duration of the  overseas trip.) Second, once they start to brown, the colors don't look as bright.

Once they were all baked and cooled on wire racks, I individually packaged and carefully packed them in a LOT of padding and sent them off.

Operation Cookie Takeover is a wonderful initiative. Although many bakers send exceptionally beautiful and intricate cookies,  you do NOT have to be a professional baker to participate. Nor do the cookies have to be elaborately decorated. The good old chocolate chip variety is fine. I encourage anyone who is interested to get involved.  Visit their Facebook page to see pictures of the soldiers with their cookies and read letters of thanks. To volunteer, sign up HERE.

These festive treats are perfect for today's  July 4th holiday post. Maybe they also will inspire you to make your own. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend spent with family friends and fireworks!

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  1. I love baking with colored dough; they look beautiful, but are so much easier! I am sure the recipient was thrilled to receive them!


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