Friday, June 27, 2014

Rainbow PRIDE Sugar Cookies

So my favorite celebration of the year is here, next to Halloween and Thanksgiving. We have a full program this weekend, hosting a full day second annual Pridetini/BBQ party on Saturday at our place where revelers have their choice of a rainbow array of martini flavors. On Sunday we will march in the parade down fifth avenue with The Upper Delaware GLBT.

Last year I went all out and made ton of rainbow themed food. This year I just didn't have the time. Instead I summoned the powers of Trader Joe's, bought a bunch of rainbow candy and made these cookies. 

After whipping up a quick sugar cookie recipe,  I used a kitchen scale to help divide the dough into six different portions and tinted each a color of a rainbow. The dough went into the fridge for a few hours then I rolled each color out, cut into long strips, and starting with the red color, laid them down next to each other in roygbv order. I ran the rolling pin over the combined colors to seal them together and cut out the cookies using letter cutters P R I D E.

The scraps were used to make rainbow colored tie dye versions.

It's going to be an amazing weekend. Happy Pride!


  1. Love these cookies! I'm sure everyone who had the good fortune of having one enjoyed them. I agree with are amazing! Hope you enjoyed the parade.

  2. Hooray, more colored dough! Your cookies look amazing! I will have to try the striped technique soon.


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