Monday, March 31, 2014

Meringue Mushrooms for April Fools' Day!

Today I'm forgoing Macaron Monday in favor of Meringue Mushroom Monday. I get a huge kick out of faux foods and always look forward to creating something fun this time of year for April Fools' Day.  

These cute little meringue mushrooms are easy to make and are a fun addition to any dessert plate. Meringue mushrooms may not be the most original idea for April Fools' as lots of other bloggers have created their own. However, ever since I saw them years ago I've been wanting to make them myself. Now I can take them off the list.

After I finished taking pictures for this post,  my husband (who was greatly amused by these) grabbed a few and headed outside with the camera. That's where the opening and closing shots on this post came from.

Like any meringues cookie you can flavor and color these as you like. If I wasn't going for the realistic look, I definitely would have made little pink ones and most likely glittered them as well.

To make these, I used followed this excellent tutorial on all recipes. They take about five days to make.  Just kidding. 

April Fools! (on the last part, the recipe is real)

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