Monday, September 30, 2013

Rewind: Dirndl/Lederhosen Radler Pretzel Oktoberfest Cookies & September's Funny Food Blog Posts

People I am so excited! After missing the festivities for two years in a row I am off to Germany tomorrow to celebrate the last week of Oktoberfest with my Munich girlfriends. I believe this will be my 12th Oktoberfest. How lucky can a girl get?

A few years ago during this time, I made these dirndle/lederhosen cookies and talked about Oktoberfest fashion and my obsession with dirndls. The previous post is here. You can see some of my dirndls, how even more giant they make my giant boobs look and find out the proper way to tie a schurze (apron) according to your marital. status.

Here's his year's catch. Attending the festival was a surprise present from my beloved Dr. B, best husband in the world. However, all of my dirndls are at our home in Germany, nowhere near Munich. Oh well, I guess I will just have to add  few new ones to my collection when I get off the plane? I'm thinking red. 

Not much of a beer drinker, I always opt for a Radler when at the fest, half lemon soda and half beer. Speaking of Radler, check out the recipe for these Radler flavored pretzel Oktoberfest cookies I made one year. 

Here are some of the posts from other food bloggers that cracked me up this past month:

Miley Cyrus Tongue Cookies from The Amateur Gourmet

Open Mouth, Insert Catastrophic Failure from Cake Wrecks

Thug Kitchen's You Need to Eat Some Goddamn Breakfast

Food Beast's Your Brain on Beer vs. Your Brain on Coffee


  1. ohmygod these are so flippen cute! (the cookies) But those boobs were meant for dirndls! Have a blast this week.
    I'll be heading to DE at the end of October and may finally get down to Munich as a tourist for a couple days. My little boobs would not do the outfit justice!

  2. These cookies are so adorable! Also, I'll take your pretzel cookies over the original kind any day:) Have fun in Germany!

  3. Have a fantastic trip! I love dirndls. Of course, I did want to be a Lennon sister as a kid...

  4. What a terrific addition to Oktoberfest!! Really amazing cookie art.

  5. 2 amazing sets of cookies! Very cute little outfits. I'm sure that these would sell like crazy if they were on sale at Oktoberfest. I really hope to attend one year. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next year!


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