Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chihuahuas, Chili Pepper Pops, Tequila and Frieda Kahlo - Cinco de Mayo Treats

A close friend visited from Munich this past week. There were lots of girl talks and long walks and unfortunately no time to make anything new to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Que Horrible! 

I still have fond memories of living and going to school in Mexico as a child so I couldn't let the holiday pass without a nostalgic nod to happy times spent there.

Even though it feels a bit like cheating, here is a round up of fun and festive Mexican themed treats I've made in the past for this holiday. Clicking the picture or the caption will take you to the post with the recipe.

Tequila Cilantro Pepita Pesto Salsa 

Adding pepitas and tequila made this salsa a nutty boozy party in a dish. Also life had handed me 20 pounds of tomatoes leftover from a photo shoot so I needed to get creative. Real. Quick.

Frieda Kahlo's Almond Cornmeal Cookies

A long time fan of Frieda and her extraordinary art, I picked up a book of her recipes at the Tate museum in London when visiting an exhibition of her work. Frieda was brilliant with flowers and used them daily to decorate her home and table. These are simple yet wonderfully flavorful cookies. Viva La Frieda!

Chili Pepper Cake Pops 

Jumping from artistic to kooky and a bit wonky, these chili pepper cake pops are definitely fun. I left the cake part plain but adding chili pepper or lime flavors would appropriately amp these up significantly.

Chocolate Chili Chihuahua and Margarita Cookies

These were some of the very first decorated cookies to make it on my blog and it shows. A bit primitive perhaps, however, the chocolate chili flavored dough was delicious. When I was growing up we had a slew of real chihuahuas. This was my homage to my childhood pets.

Margarita Cookies

From the same post as the chihuahuas above, these frozen margarita cookies are also a bit clumsy in the decorating department but the margarita flavored cookies were amazing.  Clumsy and margaritas together remind me of the time I had too many of them in an East Village bar and fell backwards into a vat of tortilla chips. Long story from years ago for another time.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Also check out this Cinco de Mayo post from Cookin' Canuck. She invited food bloggers to link up all sorts of fabulous Cinco de Mayo inspired cocktail and food recipes. Lotsa good stuff there.


  1. I love the chihuahua cookies and those fabulous cake pops! I haven't planned anything for Cinco de Mayo yet :(

  2. You always make such festive and adorable treats for food holidays!

  3. Now this is a Cinco de Mayo feast extraordinaire! I'm especially loving the Chile Pepper cake pops and the Chihuahua cookies! However, I'm making your Tequila Cilantro Pepita Pesto Salsa ASAP. It looks phenomenal!

  4. Oh wow it's cinco de mayo again! That was quick! Great job on your lovely treats! They look so pretty!

  5. How did I miss this one. I'm on my second chihuahua, long haired. I'll have to make those adorable cookies someday.


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