Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Purple Heart Camouflage cookies

Recently, a friend brought our community together in Pennsylvania for a farewell brunch for her daughter who will be deployed to Afghanistan.

People brought beautiful dishes and their best wishes for Nia who will be gone for a year.

The proud mama had decorated the room in purple, Nia's favorite color. 

To contribute to the theme and the occasion I made these purple camouflage cookies.

There was a Nutella station, in honor of Nia's favorite dessert.

Once everyone had eaten, we all lit a candle and made a wish for Nia.

To make the cookies, I used Sweet Sugarbelle's excellent camouflage cookie tutorial.  The sugar cookie and royal icing recipes were both from Bake at 350.

What better way to send a soldier off than surrounded by her loving family and friends and covered in frosting?

Best Wishes Nia and THANK YOU for your service!


  1. Those cookies are adorable. A big Thank You to Nia for her service. My daughter has a friend who just left for Korea and I know how much the families worry about their sons and daughters while they are away.

  2. Very fun purple camouflage cookies-thanks for sharing ;-)

    1. Looks as if it was a special and thoughtful send off - thanks for posting this delightful and heartfelt event. And for posting the amazing cookie recipe too boot!!

  3. Loved this post and your cookies. May God keep Nia safe while on deployment and may the year pass quickly for her and her family.


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