Friday, March 15, 2013

Green Ombre 7 Layer Cookies with Irish Cream Chocolate Topping for St. Patrick Day

Raise your hand if you love Italian Seven Layer cookies? I love that they remind my of my childhood when mom, grandmother or another relative would bring home a big bakery boxed filled with different types of cookies. These always got my attention because of the beautiful colors and the exotic almond taste.

What I love about them even more is mixing up the colors and flavors. Ever since I saw and tried this excellent recipe and tutorial from Smitten Kitchen, I've been hooked on making these lovely treats.

In the past I've made both Autumn and Easter versions. Both came out fantastic. Not only to they look pretty, they taste amazing.

So it was time to do a St. Patrick's Day inspired version. These cookies do take a bit of time. Realistically you need  to start baking a day ahead of when you would like to serve them. They are worth it. Trust me.

Aside from coloring the layers in shades of green, I followed Deb's recipe to the letter with the following small changes: I used mint jelly in between the layers instead of apricot and I added a tablespoon of Irish Cream to the chocolate melted on top.

Even though my seven layer cookie slicing skills leave much to be desired (some of them inevitably end up a seriously wonky shape), the result was wonderful. My office gobbled them up. Which gives me extra points. First of all, because I seriously didn't need to eat one more of these myself. Secondly, my office is filled with Italians. Not Italian Americans but espresso swilling, loud, brilliant, scooter riding, talking with their hands Italians. Tough crowd when it comes to treats from their home country. I seriously have a slight nervous breakdown every time I bring in homemade biscotti. I am pretty sure these cookies were invented in America by Italian Americans but I am still happy to say, these passed with flying ombre colors. Phew! 

Oh and Alejandra of the wonderfully creative Always Order Dessert blog beat me to the punch on these. She posted the same idea, beautifully done. Check out her Irish Rainbow Cookies.



  1. These look GORGEOUS! I love the idea of the mint and the irish cream in the topping. Genius. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  2. Lora, I knew you wouldn't disappoint me today with something wonderful and green. Bravo.

  3. Gorgeous. Love the wonderful shades of green and the added flavour the mint must have given these.

  4. Yes, I love these cookies! One of the grocery stores in town makes them in their bakery but I'm sure yours are soooo much better. Of course, Irish Cream makes everything better, right?

  5. So beautiful! I wish I'd thought a wee bit ahead for tomorrow!


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