Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Apple Tart

The owner of the company I work for is someone I have known for 16 years. He's Italian and I was surprised to learn a few months ago his favorite treat is apple pie. An Italian who has chosen America as his home and apple pie as his dessert of choice. Love it.

Last week for his birthday, I dropped the Mad Hausfrau flavor insanity and made for the very first time a plain apple tart for our surprise office birthday celebration.

I have had Angela's pie crust recipe from Spinach Tiger bookmarked to try for some time now. So glad I did. It was so perfect. I was intrigued by the instructions (freezing everything including food processor blade). Repeat, it was perfect. Even with only 1 teaspoon of added sugar, the result was simply delicious.

For the filling I went with a hybrid between Martha Stewart and Smitten Kitchen's recipes and instructions and improvised from there. I used Macintosh and Granny Smith apples and for spices, cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg and just a hint of added lemon flavor.

Because I wanted to make this apple dish a birthday treat, I went with a tart instead of a pie so I could decorate the top with cutout letters.

Of the eight people who shared this tart, at least three declared it the best apple pie/tart they have ever had. That may be a bit over the top, but it made me rethink about going back to baking basics more often instead of standing every thing I bake upside down flavor-wise.


  1. Happy birthday to your boss! This tart is gorgeous! I'm sure he loved it!

  2. I love this tart! It looks like a "slab pie" which I have always wanted to make:) I love how you made the birthday greeting with the crust...genius and so cute!

  3. There are few things better than a good slice of apple pie. I love the cut-out letters on top. It's so jolly!

    1. I just love the back to basics approach with the "tart not pie" twist. In this crazy, complex world we yearn for the solid staples and very yummie comfort food...

  4. My goodness this does look like the best apple tart ever. No doubt your boss was delighted with his delicious birthday treat. You made it even more special by doing the Happy Birthday lettering with pie crust. Very sweet.

  5. This looks awesome! Its my brothers Birthday next week and he loves apple pie, I might borrow this idea :)


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