Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mermaid Cookies for a Mermangel Over Manhattan Event

This week at work we produced a great event for one of our clients involved with a Protect Water campaign. We rented  pool and world record holding free diver Şahika Ercümen taught our invited guests some breath holding techniques and how to swim with a mono fin. Here is a short stunning video of Şahika doing her thing.

The Protect Water campaign calls her a Mermangel but you would swear she is a fish. We provided our guests with monofins, towels, goggles and Jamba Juice smoothies  and they all had a fun, interesting afternoon trying to learn to master the monofin in the pool.

My original idea for these ookies was to put angel wings on a mermaid. All of my 300+ collection of cookie cutters are still at our home in Germany and I just couldn't find the right cutters here in NYC to put the two together, had no time to order online or make stencils. So I did the best I could with the mermaid cutter I found a Broadway Panhandler down the street.

To make the cookies I used both the sugar cookie recipe and the royal icing recipe from Bridget at Bake at 350.

The tail was created in two layers with detail added in a darker blue for contrast. The hair was done with a grass tip and then sprinkled with baby sugar pearls. The shell bras were fashioned out of some leftover homemade blue fondant and secured with a large sugar pearl in the middle. Of course I want wild with the dico dust on tops and tails.

They looked so pretty on the table, out sparkling their bags of trail mix neighbors and other healthy snacks we served along with the smoothies. Everyone oohed and ahhed and took home more than one to share with friends.


  1. These are so amazing! I love the pearls in their hair and all the disco dust. I was completely obsessed with mermaids for a while--one of my preschool friends and I tried to make our own mermaid tails, but it wasn't a terribly successful attempt. Another friend convinced me to bring my Ariel Barbie into the bath when I was staying over at her house. It totally ruined poor Ariel's hair!

  2. That video is stunning! She is so graceful, what a treat to watch. Your cookies too are wonderful and the pearls in the hair were such a fabulous touch.

  3. The cookies are amazing and I love the color blue you used to make the tails. Sahika is truly talented. Maybe one day I'll learn to swim like a mermaid.

  4. What an awesome event..that video was very cool! Your mermaid cookies are out of this world! I love the touch of glitter on the 'kini top and tails to really enhance the blue!

    Also, to touch on two birds with one cookie..that tiki cake below is phenomenal (Happy belated birthday to your brother! Funky apartment, indeed!) and the salted caramel peach crumble pie is bookmarked. I must make it soon! You are so talented, Lora!

  5. I LOVE Broadway Panhandler! They have everything you could ever need. :) These mermaid cookies are adorable!

  6. These are in your line up of genius. I want to make a portfolio for you so if this producing thing doesn't work out you become a full time specialty cookie designer.
    I wish you were on the west coast and you could sneak in my kitchen to borrow bits. We have the opposite problem... all my good kitchen stuff is in America and I'm always cursing out loud..."well if I had my _____ , then this would be a breeze" in Hamburg. And I'm sorry your goodies are so far south. I'm tempted to say- give me your address and I'll pack some things up for you and send them. Remind me- how often are you back to Germany?
    Not having our tools though just offers a chance to really get creative. (I try to be positive)
    I would love to make cookies with you... in either country!

    1. You are so sweet. The kitchen stuff can be endlessly frustrating. "Now which country did I leave that hippo cookie cutter in?" I finally moved my kitchenaid mixer which had been in storage for 10 years to Germany and got a proper electricity converter. A few months later we moved to the States but didn't move any of our stuff except clothing and personal items. So I got another one for our NYC apartment and then ANOTHER one for the weekend house we bought in PA. I should buy stock in the company. We want to get back to Germany at least 2x a year but it's been difficult with our work schedules. Would also love to have a cookie date.

  7. PS - incredible video... practically held my own breath watching. Amazing.

  8. Lora, Your cookies are as amazing as the freediver! WOW on both counts! Love the design and the colors are gorgeous!

  9. They are so beautiful and intricate Lora! You did a beautiful job! :o


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