Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sprinkle Bakes Book Winner & May's Funny Food Blogger Posts

The winner of Heather Baird's book Sprinkle Bakes Desserts to Inspire your Inner Artist is:

Amy from the fabulous blog utry.it!!!  Thanks to everyone who left a comment. I highly recommend to all of you to get your hands on Heather's book. It's brilliant.

I am weeks late with my end of the month funny food blogger posts for May so here they are:

Lila Loa's May the THIRD Be With You...

Thursday Night Smackdown's To Whom It May Concern

The Extraordinary Art of Cake's Buttercream Bakery's Masterpiece Builder Bear Cupcake (Check out the last shot)

Doughmestic's 50 Shades of Grey...Very Vanilla Ice Cream

Hot Polka Dot's How to Tuesday: Pump Up the Volume (First time I have ever seen this in a bowl and I am not talking about the phone)

Cake Wreck's Old Glory Daze

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cherimoya Curd

I've been absent here for the last few weeks more than ever. With traveling, some urgent personal business to attend to, more German house guests, work and blah blah blah. Sometimes life takes over..

I just spent 8 days at our friends avocado farm in Temecula CA. They were harvesting the avocados  and I am sure I ate half the grove before I left. These are dear long time friends of mine who indulgently let me run wild in their orchard whenever I'm visiting. I was planning on baking with their tasty Hass avocados as well as the kumquats, lemons and sugar sweet pink grapefruits that were all falling off the trees but I only got as far as this cherimoya curd which was originally part of a plan to make cherimoya vanilla cupcakes but then that urgent personal business took over and well....all I was left with at the end of my stay was curd.

However,  it's amazing curd. Delicious curd. Delectable eaten straight with locally grown blueberries on top curd (trying to get over my irrational dislike of the word curd by using it over and over.)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lavender Créme Candies and A Sprinkle Bakes Book Giveaway

Honestly, I don't know what I can add to what other bloggers/fans have said about adorable Heather Baird and her gorgeous blog Sprinkle Bakes. Each post is more creative and visually stunning than the next, she has the cutest darn set of pugs in the universe and now she had to go and write this wonderful book, Sprinkle Bakes, Dessert Recipes to Inspire Your Inner Artist

I got my hot little hands on it at last after more than a few tussles with what must be the stupidest UPS person in the USA. I absolutely devoured it on a train ride up to our house for the long Memorial Day weekend.

After all the anticipation, this book did not disappoint. I absolutely love the structure of the book. A talented painter in her own right, Heather makes comparisons between techniques of art and decorative baking. She lays out many basic recipes (and some amazing fancy ones) and then explains artistic techniques for taking them to the next level.