Wednesday, April 11, 2012

White Chocolate Butterscotch Babka with Caramel Streusel

"With Caramel Streusel" have to be three of my new favorite words. I'll take caramel over chocolate any day although the two of them together can park their slippers under my bed anytime. I'm kinky like that.

But I digress. I was on a quest to reinvent the chocolate babka of my youth. I remember the crumbly chocolate buttery goodness especially around Passover. A fond memory for sure, but it was time to amp up the flavor.

White chocolate and butterscotch chips and some leftover caramel sauce were procured from my kitchen cabinets and laid out on the counter. Perfect flavors to try.

After reading through a zillion babka recipes I settled on Deb's from Smitten Kitchen. The process is long but worth it in the end. Her recipe makes three.  I halved it and made one full sized and a spare mini. The only other changes I made were:
  • Replacing 1 cup of the white flour with spelt flour
  • Omitting the cinnamon
  • Substituting white chocolate and butterscotch chips for chocolate
  • Rubbing a few tablespoons of caramel sauce in with the streusel mix (heaven!)
When I removed the larger babka from the oven, I let it cool and then it traveled with me out to Long Island to present to my family. When I cut into it I had a moment of horror because it looked a bit uncooked inside. That didn't stop my family from diving right in and polishing off a few pieces right away. I must say it was delicious. All butterscotch caramel goodness with white chocolate sweetness. A little of this rich dessert went a long way. Although in the future I will extend the baking time, in my opinion, it was better a bit undercooked than eating a too dry babka.


  1. Well now, this babka can park itself at my table anytime.

  2. Oh this looks amazing! I'd like a piece for my afternoon tea. I can't imagine how "with caramel streusel" has become your new favorite phrase...

  3. That looks incredible! Kind of like candy!

  4. This is when I wish I had an oven in my country Indian kitchen.....god what a sugar fix!

  5. That is too funny - kinky indeed with chocolate caramel under the bed, LoL, Lora. I am totally with you on your 3 new favourite words. I'm now smitten - that looks incredibly decadent!

  6. Looks delish and I like how you really made the recipe your own.


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