Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pumpkin Fudge Ripple Ice Cream

Here is a confession. I never liked pumpkin. Ever. Then two Thanksgivings ago I set out to make a traditional Thanksgiving feast for my German family simply because they had never experienced one. I was also a little homesick for the holiday.

I planned and made lists. I re-planned and revised lists. The TV producer in me back-timed a two week schedule of what to make when, what and when to shop for when, etc. For two weeks every day I had a to do list. It was a production. Part of this insanity was sucking up my pumpkin aversion and buying sugar pumpkins for the first time, roasting and pureeing them to make a few dishes for the dinner.

The menu was stellar. The feast was a success and I learned I liked pumpkin. Not that stuff in the can. Fresh roasted pumpkin flavor now had my full attention.

Since then, I snatch them up when I first spy them in the market and roast and one after the  other, toasting the seeds and making and freezing puree for different recipes. I have a whole lifetime of pumpkin hating to make up for.

The last few months I've looked high and low for a good pumpkin ice cream recipe. I kept going back to one at Williams Sonoma. The addition of bourbon gives this ice cream a holiday, decadent sexiness.

Because you all know I can't leave things alone, I fudge rippled it. Oh yeah, I did. This pumpkin fudge ripple ice cream is extremely rich. A little goes a long way.

I highly recommend taking the extra steps to add the fudge ripple. It's only a matter of making the fudge sauce ahead of time and layering it into the ice cream after it comes out of the ice cream maker. It's perfect.

William Sonoma Pumpkin Ice Cream HERE
Fudge Ripple Recipe and Instructions from the Baking Beauties HERE


  1. This ice cream looks soo good! I've always wondered how to get a ripple in there. Yum!

  2. Oh, I've been dying to make pumpkin ice cream. I have to continue making pumpkin whoopie pies-constantly, and I'd so much rather use my puree for this.

  3. Thank goodness you came to love pumpkin. Can't imagine missing out on this ice cream recipe ;)

  4. Oh, no worries, I am with you on that; I am never a big fan of pumpkin too!:p
    This looks really enticing though, and I can't believe it's made with pumpkin, what a unique flavor! My mummy's the biggest fan of pumpkin, I bet she will love this :D

  5. Oh yeah - here in Australia you can't even get pumpkin in a tin, unless it's like pumpkin soup :) I actually really like it as a roast vegetable (like with potatoes and sweet potato) and also where I live there was a politicians wife who made pumpkin scones (biscuits) quite famous. I bet this pumpkin icecream with the delicious looking fudgey ripple would be very good.

  6. This looks delicious!!! Love your blog!!


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