Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Performance Media Training for Fund for Jennie Auction

Most everyone in the food blogging world knows about what happened to Jennifer Perillo by now. The a pie for Mikey movement gathered incredible momentum, turning into a tsunami of support by an amazing and caring community.

In addition to the overwhelming task of picking up the pieces of her life after the loss of her husband, I understand Jennifer is facing some tough financial times. Bloggers Without Borders has created #AFundForJennie as well as put an online auction to raise money for Jennifer and her daughters. Here is the list of the current items up for auction. There is a wide range of products and services offered as well as some lovely handmade items.

Most of you know me as that crazy beeyatch in the kitchen who has serious flavor boundary issues. Some of you maybe even think I wear dirndls every day. The truth is I have spent most of my life as a working TV professional in both the USA and Germany. As an Emmy nominated television producer, another area of my expertise is training, coaching and branding talent. I have worked with a lot of household names. I won't list them here because it would sound like bragging, but I have worked for many top networks and production companies in the USA and Europe specializing in talk, news, entertainment and reality programming.

As part of the Fund for Jennie, I am auctioning off a media training session for those of you interested in either making videos for your blog or those who have already created some but would like some professional guidance. This session would focus solely on performance. If you do not reside in the NYC area, no problem. I often coach by Skype.

Many bloggers have done an incredible job with their food blogs with design, branding and recipe but many have no confidence to make the leap to video. I can't promise you I will turn you into a household name but I can definitely help you polish up your act, make you more comfortable and set you in a more professional direction. Although the coaching is focused on camera performance, it can also help you with live demos and presentations. If you have a book coming out and are soon facing a press tour, this could help prepare you.

The coaching package includes:

-Analysis of existing videos (I ask for what you think is your best video and your worst)
-Branding consultation - Developing your unique on air presence
-Script writing and preparation
-Voice and body language coaching
-Styling tips

If you do not have a video, you can make a rough one for the purpose of the coaching. I will work with you to break it down step by step both beforehand and after. I specialize in addressing fears and handholding so if your fear has been holding you back, now may be a good time to do this.

At the end of the coaching (between 2 and 3 sessions) I will provide a written recap.

Of course food bloggers do not have TV network money, so I am starting the bidding price at the rock bottom price of $150.00.  Leave your bids in the comments section of this post.

If you do not want to participate in the auction, please think of donating whatever you can to #AFundForJennie by clicking on the badge below:

Donate to Bloggers Without Borders


  1. Sounds like a great contribution to such an excellent cause!

  2. I went to the auction page, but I don't see a way to bid on your item! Help!

  3. So kind of you to offer this!

  4. This s great! I would like to bid $150!

  5. @ Allison. It's still open. No bids yet.

  6. I bid $150 in the comments above. Am I not doing it in the right place?

  7. @Allison. Great! email me at themadhausfrauATgmailDOTcom wih your contact info.


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